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Meet Steve

Meet Steve

We might be biased, but we think we’ve got one of the greatest design teams Australia. Steve Pritchard has been a valued member of Domination homes since the day he started, 11 years ago. He’s our incredibly talented Design and Drafting Manager and our go-to-guy if we’ve ever got a design or construction puzzle to solve.

Variety – most people would list it as a necessity in life. It’s also what Steve states is the biggest highlight of working as part of the Domination Homes team. For example, in the last month or so, he’s designed houses, units, a dance studio, a 28-unit, 3-storey unit development and he’s currently working on a subdivision plan for a 15-townhouse site! Steve explains that “the thing that keeps me interested is the sheer variety of work.” And he’s not wrong there. We pride ourselves at Domination Homes on creating homes and sites to the highest standard whatever shape and size that may take.

And it’s not always a walk in the park! Steve notes that one of the other highlights of the job is a challenging design. Smaller blocks limit a designer to a handful of options, which Steve says, can make the process quite simple. However, the larger blocks of land allow much more room to play around and get creative with the design. Depending on the block, there might be environmental limitations which adds another layer to the challenge.

How does Steve find inspiration for the design process? Our wonderful clients, of course! In the initial meetings with the client, Steve will get an understanding about the lifestyle that they are looking for, and about the piece of land, the key features and limitations of it. Steve relays Domination Homes’ mission statement “your home, your way” to explain that everything that is gathered along the way from the client, is used to create the perfect, personalised home that is unique to them and the lifestyle that they lead.

We asked Steve what design trends he’s noticed come into vogue lately, and he explained that a lot of design trends are dependent on one’s life stage. For example, a trend is occurring that the master bedroom is built on the first floor, and a guest bedroom is built on the ground floor. This allows for when the owners get a bit older and don’t want to walk up and down a flight of stairs every day. They can then transform the guest bed on the ground floor into the master for their convenience.

Another design trend gaining popularity is the scullery. A hidden, walk-in kitchen allows you to keep the main kitchen clean if you have guests, and allows for extra storage. Steve noticed the trend from a client of his, that expressed a desire for a scullery for their housekeeper. Steve predicted that this could become a popular trend in the Australian market for families that enjoy entertaining and need a little bit of extra space.

So, what’s a day in the life for Steve?

“I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day. I can be out on site sorting out clients or construction, doing site inspections to identify potential design or construction issues, sorting prestart or scheduling issues. I’ll often get called into client meetings to advise on design or construction issues.”

And while every team member at Domination Homes days look a little bit different, we’re always working together to create the perfect bigger picture. We can’t thank our mate Steve enough for the brilliant work he’s produced over the last decade, and we look forward to the brilliant work he’s sure to produce in the future.

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The Platinum

The Platinum

When we build our homes at Domination Homes, we build around a lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and cosy place to spend your retirement, or a home to fit 10 people, we’ll work with you to ensure your dreams are realised and your home ultimately best reflects your tastes and styles.

When it came to designing and building The Platinum, we worked very closely with our client to create the ultimate Perth getaway home, right on the Mandurah canals where one could enjoy all the pleasures of life and the stunning location.

The Platinum was built with the intention of being a holiday home, and as such, needed to feature all the luxuries and comforts that a family would want on a getaway. It features 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms to cater for each family member, plus the occasional ruckus when the family entertains in their large dining/living area. This area opens onto an outdoor kitchen/alfresco and over looks the canals.

It was crucial that we work to make Mandurah canals the star of the show, so we created a design that highlights the view as much as possible throughout the home. Everything we built complemented that view.

The outdoor kitchen features a custom-built pizza oven and a commercial barbecue that is the ideal area for entertaining on a summer’s evening. This area features a pool with a spa to cool off on those hot summer days. There is no doubt that most days and nights would be spent in this area of the home, where one could soak in all the joys of life.

When working with a large block of land, it’s important to know what the key features of the home will be in the early stages of design. This will ensure the end product is perfect. Our aim is for you to be excited as you walk into your home every day, and by agreeing on key features in the early stages, we can ensure that the overall design of the home works cohesively and in conjunction to those features so that you are able to get the most out of them.

At Domination Homes, we pride ourselves on the finer details. Waterfall edges on the kitchen bench tops create a sense of opulence inthe home. In addition, we offer the finest custom-made cabinetry work. Throughout the years we’ve created strong relationships with a team of contractors that we trust and work with every time. You can rest easy knowing that our contractors are of the highest quality and will work just as hard as us to create the best product for you.

High door frames also create a sense of opulence as you enter the room. Featured at the front door and throughout the interior, these evoke a feeling of openness and grandness. In the same vain, all bathrooms feature custom made stone benchtops and the latest European tapware, basins and toilets. We believe that any feature of a home that is a touch/feel experience, is a personal choice and no one knows better than you, what is best suited for your home.

The Platinum is the epitome of holiday luxury. It utilizes its surroundings to enhance all of itself and is the perfect home to invite the family and friends to over a long weekend. For any more information on this home or on how to work with us in creating your dream home, contact us now on 9262 7400.

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