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The Ultimate Kitchen

The Ultimate Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of all homes. It’s where the family gathers every night to share a meal and talk about their days. Kitchens are about togetherness, creativity and entertaining. That is why we believe that when it comes to designing your kitchen, we all deserve the latest and greatest features. The kitchen is at the center of every home. Here are our top 6 must-haves for the ultimate kitchen:


Sculleries are the latest kitchen trend and are an absolute must have for a family that loves to entertain. Originally used as a servants’ kitchen, sculleries are now the perfect way to keep the main kitchen looking clean and organised. They provide a hidden room that can house any small appliances that you may not want sitting in full view in the kitchen, and prove extra bench space and storage for times when you need it. Sculleries have been incredibly popular in our latest home designs and we predict they won’t be going anywhere any time soon!


As this list goes on, you’ll soon discover that the most up-and-coming kitchen trends all work towards one thing: a truly seamless, minimalist, clean space. Integrating your large appliances such as fridges or dishwashers behind custom-made cabinetry, creates a seamless effect that will leave you thinking, “Is this the kitchen?”. Integrated appliances allow you to create a truly seamless design, as you no longer have to take into consideration how the appliance will work in the overall design.

Handleless Kitchens

Sticking with the theme of seamless kitchens, designing yours so that it is handleless creates a sleek, minimalist look. Choose from a range of substitutes for handles including a J shaped hook to run along the top of each cupboard or our personal favourite, the electric push-to-open drawers. A handleless kitchen will create a streamlined effect and add to your slick design.

Colour Palette

2017 is the year of minimalism and our kitchens aren’t exempt from this. Throughout our homes, we’re seeing neutral, monochromatic colour palettes with pops of live greenery or rich colours. For your kitchen, think industrial greys or sharp black and whites softened with natural wooden elements and plants.


Fridges that connect to your Wi-Fi so you can re-order your groceries and coffee machines that connect to your iPhone so you can set your coffee to start brewing at the same time your alarm goes off in the morning. These high-tech gadgets are by no means a necessity, but boy they are fun.

Waterfall edges

We’re seeing waterfall edges in a lot of our home designs recently. What are they? A waterfall edge refers to the way a stone bench top island extends down the side of a cabinet all the way to the floor. This once again, is perfect for creating a sleek, seamless look.

It’s clear from this list that kitchen design is moving towards completely integrated, seamless design, leaving you the space and freedom to create your next foodie masterpiece without all the clutter. For more information on how you can incorporate any of these features into your dream home, contact us today!

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The Metro

The Metro
An ultra-modern home overlooking the Yokine golf course that oozes luxury in every way. Built for a family that loves to golf and entertain, it began with a desire to create a modern masterpiece that was both comfortable day-to-day for their family and felt luxurious and special, because why build a boring home? The Metro is the farthest thing from boring. This 3-storey home packs a punch on the 12.9m block.

This home is truly one to show off in front of friends and family, and the home makes this easy to do, with two perfect entertaining areas. The first – an alfresco area at the rear of the property that features an outdoor kitchen – perfect for those warm summer nights catching up with friends. The alfresco overlooks a beautiful pool that surely keeps the kids happy during the summer. But the key feature of this backyard entertainment hub is an undercover built-in gazebo that connects to the opposed side of the pool. So when there’s eight kids around after school to splash around and play games in the pool, mum and dad can rest easy knowing that the mess will be limited to the perfect compact area and the kids can enjoy a bit of space without their pesky parents checking up on them.
The second entertaining area is one for the grown-ups. On the upper level, two sets of bi-fold doors open up from both the master bedroom and the upper lounge room to a large balcony that overlooks the local golf course. We can envisage mum and dad enjoying a bit of peace and quiet from the kids as they enjoy a glass of white wine as the sun sets over the golf course. The large master bedroom features a luxurious ensuite with the latest European tap wear, toilets and basins, and frameless glass shower screens, and an extravagantly sized walk in robe.

Also on the upper level, are two bedrooms for the kids, a comfortable lounge room, and what we think is one of the main selling points of this amazing home. Encased in a glass box is a lift that is not only incredibly convenient for the residents, but is beautiful enough to provide a feature on each level of the home. Leading up from the undercroft entrance of the home, through the ground floor and up to the upper level, the lift was installed upon request of the residents to provide ease and accessibility.

The ground floor features a guest bedroom, and open plan kitchen, living and dining and a home theatre. The kitchen is a modern design including trendy waterfall edges, all stone bench tops and custom made cabinetry. The dining area features a built in fireplace that will keep the entire space warm throughout the colder months and provide a feature even when it is not in use.

And the front exterior is no less impressive than this homes stunning interior. Custom made aluminium cladding on the surface of the front elevation provides a striking contrast between the cedar lined exterior ceilings on the ground and upper floor. These two elements, and additionally, stainless steel glass balustrades that lead up to the entrance combine to create the perfect mix of materials to draw the eye in.

This home utilises every inch of its 12.9m block to its full advantage. Jam-packed with luxurious features, perfect for entertaining and ideal for everyday convenience. This home was featured on the cover of the West Australian Homes Design and Living Magazine for its striking front elevation and overall innovation.

For more information on The Metro or how to build your dream home with Domination Homes, contact us now.

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Dreams To Reality

Dreams To RealityOne of the most important things about building a home is making it as uniquely you as possible.

A dream home should encapsulate a person’s entire lifestyle and personality.

Our design team works closely with our clients to create a vision, exactly to the specifications of each individual client. This will eventually form the final masterpiece that is the home.

The concept is simple, turning dreams into reality.

The team works with narrow lots, tight blocks and amazing views to create the ultimate single or double storey homes suitable to each individual client’s lifestyle.

Head of Design at Domination Homes Steve Pritchard works tirelessly to understand the client’s needs and desires.

Initial Meeting

At the first meeting with the team at Domination Homes, a client will talk about all of their wildest hopes and desires.

Prior to this initial meeting, Steve has already been on site and looked at all the different elements that could affect the overall design of the home. Steve and his design team like to get a feel for the client, what type of person they are, what lifestyle they live, what they want for their lives and whether they are indoor or outdoor people.

In this meeting, Steve will walk the client through a rough design and assess how he can take these ideas and create something extraordinary.

In his experience, Steve says once a client presents a block and you’ve been speaking to them for about 10 minutes, the vision of the house begins to come together itself.

The client, Steve says, usually walks away with some ideas to think about and assess.

The Follow-Up

The second meeting involves more visualisation of the property.

The client comes back with ideas and edits, but not before they see an amazing 3D walkthrough of the property and go over it on screen.

This step is integral in showing the homeowner the visual representation of their dream home for the first time.

According to Steve, his team gets it right 90% of the time.

From that point, the house begins to take shape and the other team can come in and quote the property and present the client with a final price.

Another noteworthy aspect of Steve’s design team is that they work best when they are in the trenches!

Most of the design work is done on site, not behind the scenes in a boardroom, meaning the team can see what type of design would work well.

The Scullery a Major Trend

Over the past couple of years, the scullery has become a major trend in new builds.

Particularly when there is a focus on entertaining, the scullery – or butler’s kitchen – is a fantastic addition to the home.

The second smaller kitchen contains the mess so that the main kitchen is purely for entertaining.

This was an element that Domination Homes added into their Port Coogee display home that has been wildly popular since that point.

The Process

The Design Phase: This is usually an 8-week process that involves a few meetings with the team

The Pricing Phase: The quote takes about one to two weeks to get to the client and includes a detailed document outlining the price and clear visuals on what is included in their home.

The Decision Process: A client can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months to make a final decision.

The Start of Work Phase: This is where the company collects the deposit, does a full working drawing, all of the engineering work, pre-start selections and gaining planning approval from the shire. By the end of this process, a building contract is signed. Domination Homes are unlike other builders in that we don’t force our client to sign a building contract upfront prior to doing a full pre-start and full working drawing. Domination Homes takes pride in being transparent in all their costing so that our client has a full understanding on what the final price is before signing a building contract. This can all take from 4 to 6 months.

The Building Process: This can take anywhere from 12 to 15 months to actually complete the build and have the keys in the clients’ hands. During this time, the homes are inspected several times by the Managing Director, Domenic Minniti to ensure the quality is maintained.

This is a two-year relationship that people are entering into. Don’t you want to find the right people to spend that time working with?

Contact us today at Domination Homes.

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How To Choose A Block Of Land

How to choose a block of land

What is so interesting about Australians is our affinity with owning the perfect block of land to build our dream home.
There are a number of factors to be considered when you are looking to build your dream home. Perhaps you are looking to demolish and build, or perhaps you want to renovate your existing home? The options are endless.
However, more often than not, when you are looking at building a custom home, you want the perfect block of land to suit your needs. Whilst the team at Domination Homes works with blocks of any shape or size, including narrow lot homes, it is important to consider a number of key factors before you sign that dotted line.
1) What site works are necessary?
You’ve found it – the perfect block, with a fantastic view and the perfect size.
However, one thing you will need to consider, and factor in to your price, is the amount of works that need to occur on the site before it is ready to build on.
You must consider things such things as soil conditions/ trees and any site clearing that needs to occur.
Trees on the verge, as these are not allowed to be removed and might affect the design of your home.
Questions you should be asking is, does the block slope and what impact will this have on the home?
Another question you should ask, is will there be retaining required and what impact will this have on the home and boundary fencing & and your neighbours?
The orientation of the home will always have a bearing on how you can build your home.
This is an important question to ask in terms of the type of home you can build, the materials you can use and how long the home will take to build.
How to choose a block of land
2) What are the zoning requirements of this block?
Every council in Western Australia is different and they all have their own legislation and requirements you need to meet before you start to build.
Asking some simple zoning questions of your local council can save a lot of money in the long-term.
It is important to check if the property has any easement, as this will affect the design and any setback requirements on the home.
It is also imperative to ask about the Bushfire Attack Level on the block, as this will majorly influence the material selection and design of the home.
3) Are there any required boundary setbacks?
When most people are looking for a block, they will try and find one that ties in with the size of the home they are looking to build, and the backyard.
Another question to consider is the required boundary setbacks, which also need to be taken into account.
4) Will there be any restrictions on how we can build?
Within each council, there are different limits on how you can build.
Depending on the council, there are rules about the style of the house, the colours and materials you use, where you can sit the plot on your house, and what kind of fence you can have.
And this is just the tip of the ice-berg; your council can surprise you later with a list of requirements at any point
Call the council for any specific requirements before you buy the block of land, so as to ensure that you are not planning a home that cannot be built in your area.
For more information on the right kind of blocks to buy for your desired home build, talk to the team at Domination Homes.
Our design consultants understand the way different homes are suited to certain blocks and will perform a site visit to make the entire building process easier and smoother.
Contact the team at Domination Homes today.

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