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October 26, 2017 by admin 0 Comments

Living Large On A Narrow Lot

Perth block sizes are shrinking; and shrinking fast. Narrow lot subdivisions are growing in popularity, particularly in established near-city areas closer to the Perth CBD. These suburbs are desirable, and thus it is important that in order to create the home of your dreams on these narrow lots, you speak to the professionals.

The team at Domination Homes loves working creatively. Narrow lots mean more ways to be creative. There are a number of ways to create your dream home on a narrow lot. Our range of homes can be adapted and changed in order to fit onto narrow frontages. Domination Homes can create stylish narrow lot homes, without forgoing any of your luxurious and stylish requirements. Our company believes narrow lots should not be a barrier to create an amazing home.

Natural lighting

As block sizes begin to shrink, it is very challenging to set yourself space between your home and your neighbour’s. In order to create open, airy spaces in your home, it is important to use a lot of natural lighting. The team at Domination Homes is experienced in creating open spaces using natural lighting as a signature feature.

High ceilings

Narrow doesn’t mean small. High ceilings can create open spaces in your home and make each room feel more spacious and luxurious. Logistics permitting, our team would work to create high ceilings, and voids above the entrance spaces to make your home feel more inviting.

Open plan all the way

It is very important in homes built on a narrow lot that you reduce the amount of “dead space”. Dead space is defined as any part of the home that is not actively used in your home. Open plan living is the best way to truly utilise every ounce of space in your home. Our team will create a flow through your entire home, and will likely create a living space that combines dining, kitchen, living and alfresco to give the illusion of large spaces.

Smart storage

Building a narrow lot home does not mean you have to forgo storage space. However, in order to maximise the use of space, it is important to think up or down. Adding an attic, or a basement to your home is the perfect way to ensure your storage space does not take up valuable living space. Your Domination Homes design consultant has the experience to help you maximise storage space, regardless of the size of your block.

Add a balcony

The important thing to remember with narrow lot living can still equal luxury. Adding a balcony extension upstairs can add valuable living space on the externals of a property. Not only does this look fantastic as part of any good elevation, it also works to capture any views you may have.

The right configurations

Our design team has worked on a plethora of block sizes, orientations and with many different Perth councils, so we are adept at creating homes unique to their location. This means that we understand the right configurations to make narrow lot homes work, regardless of how narrow the lot truly is.

Talk to the team at Domination Homes about creating a masterpiece on your narrow lot in Perth. As the experts in the Perth building industry, we understand just how to create that modern masterpiece you’ve been dreaming about.

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Maintaining Your Luxury Home

Just like everything else in your life, your luxury home needs regular check-ups to maintain its excellence and luxury. Protecting your investment is just as important as anything else. It makes sense to take pride in your home, as it will be with you for a long time. Carrying out regular maintenance on your luxury home is also important for its re-sale value. ​

But where to begin? The maintenance required for a luxury home is quite different from a normal home. You need to look at three different factors; aesthetics, structure and value.

Doors & Floors

 In terms of keeping your home in a great condition for the long-term, it is important to ensure that your doors and floors are kept in pristine condition. It is recommended that you check the operation of your door every three to six months, or more regularly if you use them frequented. Whilst you are carrying out this maintenance, it is recommended that you clean the guide track (based on the specific type of door utilised). You should also look at any hinges, springs, locks and opener chains and ensure they are properly lubricated. Lubricating these doors is going to ensure there is no friction as they continue to open and close. For doors with steel or another similar material, it is wise to clean the door with clean water and a cloth at least every 14 days. This will result in less build up around the areas of the door.

In terms of stone floors, you should also be cleaning these regularly with a natural stone soap cleaner, which are specifically designed to leave a protective shield every time you clean. To help the floors retain their beauty over time, be scrupulous about sand and dirt, and ensure you are regularly dust mopping your floor. Remember to always dry your stone floors after you do a clean. Also ensure that you never use any kind of acidic cleaner on your stone floors (be wary of its pH levels).

The view from the curb

 In terms of maintaining the re-sale potential of your home, it is important to ensure that everyone has a great first impression. Additionally, you also want to ensure that you are maintaining all of the externals of the home well. This includes maintaining the landscaping; the worst thing that detracts from the splendour of a home is marking on the external walls, staining on water features and overgrown grass. It is important to ensure that you are regularly maintaining the outdoor areas of your homes.

Given the extreme weather conditions of the Australian sun, it also makes sense to power wash your driveway regularly to ensure the area is clear of any debris, leaves, sand or excess water.

Other things to consider:

Do you have a fireplace? If you have a fireplace in your home, it should be cleaned at least once a year. This can be done by a professional or by yourself.

Do you live near the beach? Salt water can be the most damaging thing for the exterior of your home, including any decking or alfresco area. Be sure to regularly clean all of your external windows and decking if you live near the beach to ensure that you do not let summer wreak havoc on your home.

Do you have a young family? Whilst children are life’s greatest pleasure, they can also be a danger to any luxurious elements of your home. Be sure to create rules surrounding cleanliness, including “no food zones”, and leaving any muddy or dirty items at the door. This will avoid dragging dirt through the home that can get stuck in difficult-to-clean places.


All advice on cleaning is general, and you should consult a professional before using any product on elements in your home.

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Energy Efficient Homes For The Modern Family

The lucky country – Australia is considered to be one of the best places to live globally thanks, in large part, to our fantastic weather. (more…)

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The Residence – Exceptional Living

Domination Homes is proud to announce the launch of The Residence, our latest display home open to the public. Based on the principles of our company motto – Designed on Innovation, Built on Tradition – this home is the jewel in the crown of Domination Homes.

Situated in Applecross, this palatial display home is cutting edge in both design, construction and finishes. A sight to be seen on Glenelg St, the Applecross display home has a grand entranceway, perfectly situated for the surroundings. The home was designed with entertaining in mind, with a particular emphasis on decadence and prestige.

So why visit the Residence Display home?

First of all, the home is demonstrative of everything that Domination Homes stands by – excellent design backed by quality trades. Just walking through the home, you will be able to note the fantastic finishes carefully selected by the team at Domination Homes. The Residence boasts all of the typical inclusions of a Domination Homes masterpiece, taken up to the next level.

The phenomenal ensuite oozes Sex and the City-esque cool and will appeal to both the man and woman of the house. You will feel as though you are in a luxury 5-star hotel suite rather than in your family home. The ensuite is complemented by latest European tapware, basins and a massive shower. The ensuite is covered from floor to ceiling with the very best European tiling – a marvel to view.

The cellar will also be a major talking point of the home, as it seamlessly blends in to the rest of the design, offering a style that is very few and far between in the Perth building industry. Our home integrates the stunning interior areas and an elegant outdoor area, in a way rarely seen in other Perth display homes.

The features and inclusions of the home are a testament to the sheer elegance of the design and the construction excellence of our team. Throughout the home, you will see timber flooring and stunning stone bench tops, which will give you a view of what you can achieve in your own custom home.

Structurally, the home takes cues from European and Australian innovation, combining influences from the two regions in perfect harmony. The sleek roofline that frames the home accentuates the elegance of the home, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anything who walks through.

The Residence is defined by warmth and functionality, all with an air of luxury and decadence. It is defined by its relevance both as a stunning design, but also as a home designed with family-life in mind. It strikes the perfect balance between luxury and functionality.

The home is set to be open in the coming months, with weekday, weekend and twilight viewings of the home. This is your chance to see everything Domination Homes has to offer in one location. A viewing of our display home will show you the manifestation of a strong design coupled with expert trade – something we at Domination Homes pride ourselves on.

In the interim, Domination Homes has an exclusive private residence also available for viewings via private bookings. To find out more, or to book a private viewing of the home, click here.

To stay up to date with developments at The Residence, sign up here.

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