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November 27, 2017 by admin 0 Comments

The Story Behind The Residence

Recently the team at Domination Homes celebrated the launch of The Residence display home. Over 40 years’ experience has cumulated into this modern masterpiece, situated at 59 Glenelg St in Applecross.


The home was designed with entertaining in mind, and features a showcase central glass wine cellar, a stunning master bedroom and European tapware. The large format tiles are carried out through the entire home and add an element of luxury similar to a 7-star luxury hotel.


To find out the inspiration behind the home and the highlights, Sales Manager Marco DeCarolis explained the project from his perspective.


According to Marco, the main driving force behind building The Residence was to bring a new level luxury to the market.


“We wanted to bring to the market a level of luxury living, that will adapt no matter what your lifestyle involves,” he said.


The design of the home is a true testament to this by incorporating a focus of family life and entertainment, the heart of any home.


Marco said that the home is centred around the kitchen, as every great home should be.


“The rest of the family areas then flows seamlessly off this and the open outdoor spaces provide all the key elements needed to enjoy the fantastic climate of Perth all year round,” he said.


The home is truly a standout from other display homes in Perth, achieved through various design choices that seamlessly blend throughout the home.


Marco explained that the level of luxury, combined with carefully considered design elements within the home, sets it apart from others.


“Everything a modern home will need has been integrated into the design, allowing a clean flowing floor plan. We chose a handful of quality products and finishes and applied them with consideration to the overall feel of the home but also their functionality within the home,” he said.


The Residence showcases such luxurious design that one could almost be forgiven for thinking it was a 7-star resort, not a family home.


This is highlighted through the integrated design that incorporates the alfresco, pool and water feature, giving you a sense of relaxation and awe.


The design of The Residence has allowed for some show stopping features, with Marco stating that many people are simply in love with the master ensuite, followed by the walk-in robe.


“It’s breathtaking and after that, we get a lot of people comment on the wine cellar,” he said.


Since its opening in mid-October, the home has been received with praise and admiration.


According to Marco, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


“People who visit are saying it’s the best home they have seen in years, a home that they could see themselves in; they are simply blown away,” he said.


The quality of the design shines through The Residence and it is a testament to Domination Homes key focus – excellent design backed by quality trades.


The new display home sets Domination Homes apart from the rest of the market and Marco believes it comes down to family values.


“It’s the commitment that every client is treated the same and that you have direct access to family members of the company, so the homes we build, are like our own,” he said.


To see more of the display home, visit 59 Glenelg St on Monday and Wednesday 3pm – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm – 5pm.

November 27, 2017 by admin 0 Comments

How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Area

Imagine if you had the most perfect outdoor area to complement your amazing luxury home? Well at Domination Homes, we make that vision a reality.


The perfect outdoor area is not out of reach. We have a dedicated team of experts who understand the fundamentals of creating a luxury outdoor space. Whether you have a narrow lot or some extra space to work with, we can make your dream outdoor area a reality. The outdoor area is dependent on the person and requires insight into the way the home is going to be used. When building with Domination Homes, you will work closely with our design team to create the perfect home.


So how does our team create the perfect home?


1. Incorporate your pool

Hot, Australian summers are the key reason that a pool is a requirement for any modern home. Incorporating your pool to complement your outdoor area, could mean that you add some elements of your outdoor setting in your pool area. This could mean that you have a lounge setting near your pool area, or look at ways to add elements of sociality to your pool.


2. Neutral colours

New year, new trend. And a new trend means that your existing outdoor décor goes by the wayside. Choosing neutral colours will give your home longevity and will allow for accents to supplement. In 2018, colour your outdoor area with accent colours like black forest, emerald green and watermelon red.


3. The perfect kitchen

You’ve heard of the scullery, but what about an entire outdoor kitchen? A staple in many modern homes, the outdoor kitchen allows you to take the entire party outside. Many people find that when they are entertaining, the guests will gravitate around the kitchen area. How do you get those guests outdoors? Bring your kitchen outside. It also minimises the mess that is made inside the house as you are preparing the food for your guests.


4. Maximising space

Given the shrinking nature of block sizes in Perth, it is important to maximise the space of your outdoor area so that you still feel as though it is a prominent feature of your home. If you are looking to create storage space, or space just to “chill out”, work with the people who understand how to create amazingly open spaces on a tight block. Make sure you work with the builders who understand how to build on a narrow lot.


To get a better idea of some of the amazing outdoor areas we can create at Domination Homes, visit our new display home at 59 Glenelg St, Applecross. The display home is open Monday and Wednesday 3pm to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. For more information, contact our sales team today. 

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