Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest

Creating the luxury home of your dreams is no easy task and sometimes there are no words to describe your design ideas. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel, but one of the best ways to get your designs across effectively, is to get visual.


Creating a mood or inspiration board when building your dream home is a great way to stay inspired and ease the decision-making process. But gone are the days of trawling through magazines and cutting out your design ideas. The internet is full of inspiration and concepts can be found easily with a quick Google search. But by far the best way to collect and store all of your design ideas in one place is through Pinterest.


Think of Pinterest as a virtual mood board which allows you to scroll through thousands of photos and pin your favourites into collections or boards. Pinterest allows you to create and upload photos into custom boards like ‘Bathroom Ideas’ or ‘Luxury Flooring’, which can then be shared and re-pinned by others who are inspired by the photos. It is easy to get lost in the Pinterest world with so many beautiful and inspiring boards, but by following and collecting ideas that resonate with you and your style, your dream home will start to come to life.



In any relationship between designer and client, communication is always key. But we are all different, with diverse experiences, ideas and styles. Words will rarely suffice when it comes to communicating your dream home vision, and that’s where a mood board comes in. Your mood board can be as limited, or as expansive as your heart desires.


Are you a minimalist? Contemporary? Traditionalist? Do you place importance on open floor plans with space for a family lifestyle, or does your life require a structured home design with secluded areas for working? Neutrals or bright colours? Tiles or polished concrete?


Bring all of your ideas to life with a comprehensive mood board, which you can then take to your designer. If you find yourself unable to convey certain styles or ideas, Pin it! Having the freedom to sit down and both look at a collection of images means you’ll all be on the same page from the beginning and is guaranteed to streamline your entire design process.


Not only is Pinterest great for inspiration, the platform is a great way to keep on top of the latest design trends each season. And with photos linking to the original sources, you can always find more information about products or designs.



There are over 70 million Pinterest users and amongst those are luxury home builders like Domination Homes. We use Pinterest to share our custom home designs with you as well as find inspiration from others. Many of our clients choose to share their Pinterest boards with us throughout the process of designing and building their luxury home, and it allows us to truly bring to life their dream.


To start your pinspirational journey, discover the latest design ideas from Domination Home’s boards by clicking here, and watch your custom dream home come to life.

Landscaping Your Luxury Home

When building a luxury home, you want the finest finishes across the board. That’s why landscaping should always be a crucial part of your home design and planning. Landscaping not only offers finishing touches on your home, it also adds value. Research shows that it can increase your home’s value per dollar spent on landscaping, offering up to a 109% return*. So what types of landscaping should you invest in? Below we have listed our top 5 recommendations.


Front verge

This is a must as the front of your home is the first thing people see, so why detract from that with average landscaping? Landscaping at the front of your home should be clean and crisp. If you have large street frontage, think perfectly laid turf with sharp edging. It would also be wise to incorporate low growing scrubs and feature footpaths or stone work to lead up to your home.



Pool spaces

At Domination Homes we find that many of our clients desire a pool with their custom build home, which is why landscaping around this area is key to consider. To keep space open, we would recommend glass pool fencing and a feature decking material to surround your pool. Key choices we see over and over again include timber decking, stone paving or honed concrete. Once you’ve decided on these details, think about incorporating raised feature garden beds around the outside of your pool. These are best filled with plants that will tolerate lots of sun such as succulents, cactuses and evergreens. Or go for a more resort feel with an established Frangipani tree.




Plants may be the obvious choice while landscaping but that doesn’t make them any less important. Regularly, we now see homes with garden beds framing the outer edges of the block, allowing for free-flowing open spaces. This can help create the illusion of a larger block. These outer beds can be filled with low maintenance natives or for a classical approach choose a Lilly Pilly that hedges well over time. To incorporate pops of colour throughout your yard, think of including statement pots with seasonal florals. This adds colour, without the clutter!



Water features

Water features are a perfect way to add a tranquil, classy retreat to your home. Water features can be incorporated into a variety of areas in your home. For example, place in a leafy, shaded area of your backyard and set up an outdoor setting for a casual retreat. Alternatively, if you have an outdoor entertaining space, use the water feature as a talking point that blends both with the inside of your home and the outdoors. We have created this look perfectly at our display home – The Residence, click here to see more.




This multifunctional space is hugely popular over recent years and is one that we have come to include in most of our custom designs. These outdoor spaces now feature enviable entertaining areas coupled with an outdoor kitchen. To further make your alfresco area stand out, think of including feature garden beds around the area. Think structural plants and filling the garden beds with pebbles to show a point of difference. Another popular option is to include raised garden beds throughout the alfresco area, stick to low lying plants within these areas and choose a textual plant to make a point of difference.



If you are thinking of building your dream home, contact the team at Domination Homes today.