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Planning Your Home For Your Future

It’s a beautiful adventure to embark on when you begin a new home build, and it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the now. Understandably, you want to build a home which reflects your current styles, ambitions and successes.


But in the midst of all this, have you stopped to consider what shape your future may take, and how your home will need to accommodate this?


Our clients differ immensely, and we understand that not everyone might have thought about these key questions. That is why when you build with us, you get the opportunity to work side by side with our design team from start to completion of your home.  So, what exactly will you be needing?



Will your home see the pitter patter of children, calling for nurseries and bedrooms? Or do young adults in your family require some extra chill out spaces for them and their friends? Take a moment to consider the layout of your home, potentially setting children’s bedrooms and their romper room up in one section, while you enjoy your peaceful escape on the opposite side of the home.


This is also important to consider if you are an entertainer, as you might want a space that is well clear of the bedroom and the more private areas of your home. That’s why speaking to your Domination Homes designer about your lifestyle can help us create the right configuration for your home.

Planning Your Home For Your Future


Focus points

Does your wardrobe define you, calling for luxurious storage space like something out of a New York City penthouse? Or is it the kitchen which is the true heart of your home, calling for a spacious design which stands the test of time. Whichever it may be, we can create home designs which allow for just that.


These focus points throughout your home are often areas that you will spend the most time in. So not only is deciding the layout important, but it is also important to make sure you’ve made the right selections in terms of white goods and finishes. Think about shelving, stone elements and lighting. Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start, your Dominations Homes designer is able to assist!


Planning Your Home For Your Future 

Livable Homes

If you’re finally building the home of your dreams to live out the better part of life in, it’s important to work with a designer who can look to your future needs, in terms of ease of landscaping, single or multi-level living, staircase designs for ease of access, and things like utilising products which are economically and sustainably friendly.


Additionally, you might want to consider making some areas of your home ideal for reconfiguration in the future to make it a livable home. In particular, areas like the bathroom are important to consider. This is important if one day you may have an elderly relative living with your or even for yourself in the future.



With the option of meeting your prestart consultant out of the office for advice on choices such as tile selections, colour palettes or feature wallpapers, you can take comfort in the fact that you have a professional consultant on your side, whose priority is creating a home design which stands the test of time.


Our high-quality building materials and trusted building professionals also mean that if your design is created to stand the test of time, you can be guaranteed that so will your construction.


Maintaining longevity in your home is an important step to consider in your design process, and our professional team can provide guidance on this while asking the important questions. Always take a moment to pause and ask yourself ‘what do I want to get out of this home?’.


Our range of versatile building options, along with the fact that you get to work side by side with a designer who asks all the right questions, will allow for you to create a home which is forever functional. This means you can rest assured knowing that your home will always be able to cater to changing lifestyles, expanding or downsizing families, and everything in between.


Find out more about building with Domination Homes by contacting us.

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The Two Storey Experts

We know a thing or two about designing luxury two storey homes. They are in fact a speciality that we have developed over a history that spans over 40 years. Our designs are reflective of the people who come to us and no two homes will ever look the same.


Two storey home design for our team means that they are allowed greater design freedom. While these options may change regarding the outside of your home due to zoning, the inside of the home is free reign for making the space your own and uniquely yours. The team at Domination Homes makes sure that your home is designed to maximise your space and focuses on the details that make your home great.


The world is your oyster when it comes to two storey home design and we know exactly what you should consider when you’ve got the luxury of space available to you.


Home theatre 

A home theatre is a perfect option if you like to indulge in the movie experience minus a trip to your local theatre. A feature in many of our two storey luxury homes in Perth, this fantastic room can be catered to suit any space. Key factors to think about are screen size, lighting requirements and sound requirements that can be included during the building phase. Once this is complete, you get the grand task of decorating the space with some Gold Class luxury styled lounges.

The Two Storey Experts



The scullery is truly a must in any home that allows space and with a two storey home, your Domination Homes designer can find the perfect positioning to add this to your home design. The scullery allows for a true sense of luxury that separates the kitchen preparation area from the actual kitchen. Allowing for the space that everyone entertains in to remain neat and tidy.

 The Two Storey Experts


Outdoor entertaining

An outdoor entertaining space is a must for any two storey home. A feature that can easily be included to suit your block size and the style of your home, it really is the ultimate show of luxury. Domination Homes creates outdoor entertaining spaces that allow for the seamless blend of inside to the outside of the home. Key things that our team recommend adding to these spaces include an outdoor kitchen and bi-fold doors that take you from the inside to the outside.

The Two Storey Experts  



Old fashioned indulgence is truly making a comeback and the cloakroom is a must to consider in your two storey home. Our clever team can set aside the perfect recess that will act as a cloakroom which is perfect for those who like to entertain! However, a cloakroom doesn’t just need to be for the entertainer, it’s a great space that can be used to store your winter coats that act as a grab and go option before you leave the home.



Walk-in wardrobe 

The ultimate indulgence is a walk-in wardrobe. Not only is this the perfect addition to the master bedroom, but it also makes storing all of your luxury bags, shoes and clothes a dream. A two storey home is the perfect excuse to use your space wisely and invest in an area of the home in which your whole day starts. Our design team can help with everything from the shape of the room, to the storage solutions and most importantly deciding on the best lighting for the room.

The Two Storey Experts  



The adult’s retreat is a must for any busy family. This space is truly one to invest in that allows for an area that is full of peace and quiet. Our design team can cater this space specifically to your needs and often we see popular choices of a refreshments area and a surprise television! Just like in our display home, The Residence.

The Two Storey Experts

The options are endless when it comes to designing your luxury two storey home with our team. Space is really the ultimate version of luxury and we know that we can deliver the home of your dreams. To speak to our team more about building your two storey luxury home. Click here.

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4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Custom Home Builder In Perth

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Custom Home Builder in Perth

Are you tired of paying high fees for low-quality home construction services in Perth? It’s time to jump ship and hire a professional who has a stellar record and is committed to ensuring that your expectations and needs are met throughout the home building process.

Unlike in the past when there were only a handful of home builders, the current market is flooded with service providers in this niche to the extent that most homeowners feel overwhelmed when evaluating the companies. Extensive research and having a clear objective of what you want to achieve at the end of the construction project will help you make the right decision.

Today, we look at four key things to ask your builder before proceeding with your dream home.

Legal Accreditation

Is your builder legally accredited? The best custom home construction companies are legally accredited to offer the best quality services. More importantly, they are certified members of renowned professional bodies such as Master Builders Association of Western Australia. We would highly recommend requesting to view a builders accreditation before deciding on any job moving forward. Additionally, a quick background check of each company on your list will also come in handy during the evaluation process.

Timely Completion of Project

Professional home builders always ensure that a series of meetings with clients to discuss all aspects of the project. At the end of the meetings, they come up with an ideal work plan that acts as a guide. At Domination Homes, we make sure we are completely transparent with the building process. This means that work deadlines are met to ensure that the project is completed on time, if delays arise, the team will directly contact you and make sure that you are aware of the delays.

Custom Home Construction Packages

Even though most companies have hundreds if not thousands of designs and plans that clients can peruse through and use to make a decision on how they want their new home to look like, there is no guarantee that the designs available will suit your personal taste.

No need to worry though – the best home builders in Perth are always willing to adjust their processes to come up with custom packages for clients. At Domination Homes, we treat every home like a true piece of art and will work on creating a unique design package that is reflective of your style.

Affordability and Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, the best custom home builder will come up with a robust work plan that will ensure that the project is completed on time. Secondly, their personnel are highly trained and multi-talented. They are willing to work even past the normal working hours and during the weekend to ensure that the project is completed on time. More importantly, they can work under minimal supervision. This means that you don’t have to be on-site to oversee all the processes.

Thirdly, their packages are specially tailored to suit the financial capabilities of all their customers. When you deal with Domination Homes, that means we source all of our products from quality suppliers who we have been working with for years. This allows us to secure the best rate, for the high-quality building services.

Bonus Tip

Make sure that you read the contract agreement document and if any section or phrase is unclear, do not shy away from asking for clarification to avoid any inconveniences down the road. More importantly, make sure that the contractor has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives that you want to achieve at the end of the project to get value for every dollar that you spend.

At Domination Homes, we understand that building the home of your dreams isn’t just a short-term commitment. We know that each build is a massive undertaking and we offer the same quality of service that we would to our family members. In doing this we achieve our mantra of built on tradition, designed on innovation.

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