Elevations that Inspire

The elevation, it’s a term that you’ll hear a lot during your design consult and throughout the home building process. While you may have encountered some people, who brush the elevation off as unimportant, here at Domination Homes we know that first impressions are everything. The street front appeal of your home has to be a standout and the right elevation will add a uniqueness to your home that reflects your style. So what styles are out there? We take a look at our designs to highlight some key styles.


Modern Classic and Ultra Modern style elevations are currently the most in-demand request. Gone are the days where everyone wants to have a Tuscan style elevation (although if that’s your dream, we can build it!). Nowadays, we look at striking angles, variations of materials and heights to make a home truly stand out.

The Residence

The Residence is our flagship display home located at 59 Glenelg St, Applecross, where our team was able to showcase the highest quality designs in our 40-year history. This home has instant street appeal, and this can be attributed not only to the facade and the landscaping but to the contemporary elevation. This design features elegant modern lines while using dark tiling to compliment the front of the home. This design lets the home speak for itself and is at the forefront of a modern home.

 The Residence

The Vogue
Situated in the leafy suburb of Dalkeith, a home of this size needed street front presence. This modern home featured a beautiful tonal façade that compliments its stunning elevation. This contemporary elevation featured clean and angular lines that made the real stand out of the home the impressive stonework. This handcrafted feature adds an extra level of depth to the home that makes the entryway a true representation of luxury and elegance.

 The Vogue

The Parkview

The Parkview is a truly captivating modern design that was built for being a functional family home, all while making the most of a narrow block that was just 10m wide and with a depth of 43m. This Ultra Modern elevation design makes the home completely unique to everything else on the street. The contrasting colours have been used to draw the eye to the different elements within the elevation, creating a cohesive and appealing modern home.

The Parkview

So there you have it, a look at some of our favourite elevations. The sky is really the limit when it comes to designing your dream home and creating an elevation that not only makes it stand out on the street but complies with local area building restrictions. To see more of our designs, click here and to speak with our team click here.

Top 10 Features People Want

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting undertaking and here at Domination Homes, we’ve had the experience to build some truly remarkable homes. Our homes, like the people who build them, are all unique. However, the one thing they all have in common is elements of luxury. We’ve compiled our top 10 features that our clients ask for when they build their dream home with us.


The Scullery

Old fashioned we hear you say? Think again. The scullery has been reimagined to a modern space that is essential for anyone who likes to entertain. The functionality of the scullery is to create a space that not only keeps your main kitchen mess free but increases prep space, stores your larger kitchen appliances (no messy front kitchen here!) and a place to tidy up. Common features you’ll find within our home designs include inbuilt fridges, bench space, additional ovens/induction cooktops and the ever-popular hydro taps, which allow for instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water.

The Scullery


Walk-in wardrobe

The master bedroom is the place where you start and finish your day, and a large walk-in wardrobe is essential for the luxury lifestyle your custom home allows you. Our designers are able to work with you to decide the perfect layout while also maximizing the space with ingenious shelving and lighting solutions.


Walk-in wardrobe


Open spine staircase with timber treads

A true show stopper and a fantastic way to add texture and a talking point to your home. Open spine staircases have a captivated way of appearing like they are floating and by adding timber treads, it gives a sense of added luxury.


Open spine staircase with timber treads


Connection to the Alfresco

The ultimate design for open plan living incorporates the indoors with the outdoors through a seamless connection to the alfresco. This can be achieved with large glass doors, or through timeless and modern glass bi-fold doors to add additional luxury.


Connection to the Alfresco



Pool and the alfresco

Two spaces that go hand in hand and reflect the lifestyle of our communities here in Perth. When we design these spaces, creating functional areas to entertain is essential. Think glass panelling with direct access to the pool and outdoor kitchens.

Pool and the alfresco


Guest bedroom downstairs

Often our custom designs include a guest bedroom, but many families still enjoy their privacy when entertaining overnight guests. This is when we find that incorporating a guest bedroom on the ground floor of the home in the other communal areas is a fantastic option to add privacy for everyone.




While it may seem indulgent at the time, adding a lift to your home ensures longevity. This is especially essential for people who have built their forever home as you want something that you can grow old in and not be woeful about the stairs.


Built in gas fireplace

All the looks and class of the traditional fireplace, minus the mess! A built-in gas fireplace can add another element of luxury to your home, not to mention a key focus point.


Customised security system

A current must for anyone investing in their property for the long term. A fully customised security and camera system allows you to keep an eye on your home while you are away, with most systems now offering options to link up to your smartphone!


Home theatre

A place to retreat, relax or entertain! Adding a dedicated home theatre room to your home design an investment worth making. Think projection screens, surround sound and soundproofing the room to ensure you don’t disturb others in the home. Not to mention the luxurious furniture you have the chance to incorporate once your home is complete.

Home theatre


While there are many other features you could consider, these top 10 are our most common request when designing and building our clients dream homes. To start your home journey, speak to our team today.


6 Must-Have Amenities to Include In Your Luxury Home

One of the benefits of building a luxury home from the ground up is that you can include any type of convenience in your home design that you want.  You can create a home that suits your exact needs and desires and include any luxury in your design plan.

There are lots of features that you can consider for your home.  Thanks to technology, just about anything you can imagine can be a possibility.

Here are the top 6 must-have amenities to consider and include in your luxury home design.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features are very popular right now and a definite must-have for your new home.  Smart home systems make home life a lot more convenient and fun. Home automation systems give you full control over entertainment systems, security systems, lighting, home temperature, and some even allow you to open and close windows and doors with the press of a button.   You can even log into these systems on your smartphone and control various aspects of your home from a remote location. For example, you can check in on your home security cameras on your smartphone, switch lights on and off to make it look like someone is home, or switch your air-conditioner on when you leave your office to return home.

6 Must-Have Amenities to Include In Your Luxury Home

Home Theatre

High-speed internet connections enable you to stream just about any show, content, or movie you’d like.  This also caused home theatres to become much more popular. These luxury rooms can be fashioned with your home entertainment system, sound system, big-screen TV, reclining seats, mood lighting, and mini bar.  

Entertainment Rooms

Entertainment centres are also popular and an absolute must for your luxury home.  These entertainment rooms give you and your guests a comfortable place to connect and have fun.

Spa Bathroom

Spa bathrooms are becoming very popular in luxury homes, not just because they are so relaxing, but because spending time in your spa bath will greatly improve your health.  Spa bath sessions have plenty of health benefits such as improved skin, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced blood pressure.

Home Gym

Home gyms are very functional and make it much easier for the entire family to maintain good health. The best thing about a home gym is that you can equip it to suit your exact workout requirements and you can fashion it with all sorts of extras such as built-in speakers, a flat-screen TV, and even a fitness pool.

Indoor-Outdoor Area

Everyone loves the idea of creating outdoor living areas such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, and outdoor home theatres.  These indoor-outdoor spaces are perfect for spending time outside with your family. By installing large glass doors, you can easily move in and out of your home while still making the space feel open and connected.

Designer Dressing Rooms

Designer dressing rooms are used as formal dressing rooms and include everything you need, from large wall mirrors to cosmetic areas with seating.  These rooms have the functionality of a typical clothing store or boutique and allow you to dress to impress in style. Think of a designer dressing room as an extension of your bedroom – they’re typically very large and add a lot of storage space to your home.

At Domination Homes, we have a passion for making your dreams come true and for creating homes that suit your exact taste and desires.  If you want the perfect luxury home that contains all of your favourite amenities, then you should consider Domination Homes for your next custom home design.  

Rooms that Impact the Value of Your Home

When it’s time to sell your home, there are rooms that will impact the value of your home more than others.  Depending on the quality and upkeep of those rooms, your home might be valued more or less than what you’re expecting.  The two rooms that specifically have the largest impact on the value of your home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Here are some ways you can maximise your home’s value for when it’s time to sell.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most valuable room in your home, so it should take priority in any new build.  If you’re building your dream home, there are some easy ways to create a lot of value in your kitchen.  First and foremost, don’t settle for low-quality materials. Choosing high-end countertops, flooring, and appliances are simply ways to not only increase the value of your home, but also make your kitchen look incredible.

A custom kitchen allows you to break away from the look of a traditional kitchen.  Since kitchens are the most valuable room in the home, a unique custom kitchen adds even more appeal.  Consider expanding your kitchen during your custom build process – a larger kitchen is a more valuable kitchen.

Rooms that Impact the Value of Your Home

The Bathroom

Bathrooms also have a major impact on the value of your home and give you a lot of opportunities to increase that value.  If you’re building a custom home, assess the space of your floor plan to see if there is extra space to either expand your bathrooms or add another bathroom or half-bathroom.  The number of bathrooms in your home plays an important role in the overall value of your home.

Your vanity, shower, bathtub, flooring, and lighting influence the look and feel of your bathroom, so it’s important to not cut corners and settle on cheap installations if possible.  One of the biggest bathroom problems homeowners face is storage, so including lots of storage that also doesn’t clutter the bathroom can add a lot of value to the space.

Custom Builds

Choosing a custom build for your new home is the simplest way to get exactly what you want in your home.  It’s so difficult to find everything we’re looking for in a home when we are looking at pre-built homes – with a custom home, you don’t have to settle for anything less than your dream home.  In an age of pop-up houses that all look the same, a custom home has a lot of value when you’re thinking of selling.

Other Considerations

There’s a lot that goes into valuing your home, but fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can control that value.  By working with Domination Homes, we can create a custom build that will not only stand the test of time, but add extensive value to your home if you choose to sell in the future.  For more information on how to increase the value of your home during the building process or tips on getting ready for your custom build, contact Domination Homes today.

10 Most Common Hidden Costs of Building a Custom Home

Are you building a custom home in Perth? Are you wondering about the total costs of going through this process? There’s no wonder why. Building a custom home can be lengthy and costly. Not only this, but there are plenty of hidden costs that you might not think of right away. Not to mention plenty of builders who might not disclose this to you until a later stage. Read about the 10 most common of these hidden costs, below.

Performing Soil Tests

Soil tests are an essential part of the building process. That’s because builders will need to determine the overall quality of your land before building. The tests will advise the builder the soil classification, this will determine if soil is required to be removed and fill with clean sand or likelihood of the ground shifting. The report will advise the builder if they extra concrete footing are required the thickness of the slab needs to increase and the amount of steel that is required in the concrete make sure all engineering requirement are meet

The Costs of the Site

The costs of your site will be partially determined depending on the soil classification.That said, other expenses may arise and cause your site to cost you more. If you need to have trees, existing home, rocks, swimming pool and other material that may not be seen above ground that are required to be removed, you’ll have to pay extra. The level of the land will also play a large factor in site cost, this will determine the size of retaining walls required on the boundary, this will also involve the removal of boundary fencing, so this can be achieved


The Flooring

You might think that your flooring is included in the price of your custom home – but it isn’t. For this reason, you’ll want to choose your flooring carefully. Depending on the design and material, you could pay significantly more than you’re expecting.

The Driveway

Your driveway won’t be included in the cost of your overall home. This is mostly because it’s a part of the property rather than a part of your home. You can choose to put money aside for your driveway or ask your builder to include the driveway in the overall cost.


You might change your mind during the building process, and that’s okay. You might decide that you want a larger living room or a different floor plan for the second floor of the home. When you make these modifications, though, you’ll have to pay more money for the extra labour and manpower.

Prepare for Natural Disasters

Depending on where you live, you’ll have added costs because you have to ensure that your home is safe for Bushfire Attack Zones. You should ask your home builder to find out which changes must be applied.

Coastal Conditions

It is very important to under the closer you build to ocean the more expansive it going to cost, extra cost will incur if you are building within 500m cost will increase dramatically with 100m, especially when installing a colourbond roof.

Costs of Closing Roads

If your home is particularly close to a road, you might have to close off roads during construction. If you want to know how much it’ll cost, you should ask your custom builder to contact your city council.

Don’t Forget the Interest& Paying Rent

If you’re taking out a loan to build your custom home, you should remember that you’ll have to pay interest on this loan,like many people you will be paying rent during your build ; as such, you should consider the accumulation of these costs when you’re calculating your budget.

Boundary Fencing

Many client look at boundary fencing as an associated cost to finishing the home off,or by owner after handover, this should be looked at seriously up front, and included in with the builders works, many issues will arise at this stage, as dealing with neighbour and council requirement need to be followed. You are not just allowed to removal a neighbours fence because you want to put your own up.


If you’re going through the custom home building process, you might be worried about any unpredicted costs that could arise. That’s why we’re here to help. When you deal with Domination Homes, we lay out all the costs for you and make sure there is nothing hidden. Get in touch with our team today.

Architectural Styles to Consider For Your Luxury Home

At Domination Homes we can make all of your home dreams come true. We specialise in custom luxury home designs and can assist you with the design and construction of any type of luxury home imaginable.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to choosing and designing your ideal home and our architects most certainly have the skill to work with any type of architectural style you have in mind for your dreamy new home.

If you haven’t decided on a specific architectural style or home design yet then perhaps this guide to architectural styles which includes some common, some not-so-common and some ever so lavish options, will give you the inspiration you need for creating the ideal, luxury home of your dreams.

Log homes

Log homes have been in use since the 1600s but lately, these types of homes are becoming increasingly popular as upmarket designs. Modern luxury log homes still have that authentic vibe but the designs of these homes improved dramatically. We can design you a splendid log home that looks brilliant complete with all the modern functions of all other luxury homes today.

Log homes

Cape Cod

Cape Cod home styles are more popular in northern areas but can be a great architectural trend to consider for your luxury home in Perth. They are the traditional design answer to minimalism. These homes are known for their steeper roofs, flanking front doors and dormer windows.

Art Deco

Art Deco structures mostly have flat roofs, smooth stucco walls and feature plenty of bold decorations. These home styles were developed from various influences including Ancient Egypt home styles. The style is charming, modern and will most certainly be a head turner, especially if you opt for the opulent, decorated, stain glass windows the art deco era is known for.


If your design preferences border on creative, then Craftsman architectural styles might be the best pick for your luxury home. In these home styles, natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are combined with large porches and low roofs. These home styles also feature wide-open floor plans inside the building so you can adorn your home with quality design finishes and decorative furniture.


Contemporary mostly refer to our modern building styles. These home styles vary greatly in design and appearance but these homes mostly focus on connecting the indoor space and outdoor areas perfectly so you can achieve the highest level of comfort and home efficiency. For a meticulous mind – if you are a planner, a lover of up-to-date modern style,  or if you’re open to experimentation in design based on your custom needs, contemporary designs may be for you.


Colonial styles date back to the 1600s and were especially popular in America. These home styles are known for their symmetry and evenly proportioned windows and doors. The style is not yet common in Perth but can be a good investment if you are looking for a home style that will stand out amongst so many contemporary designs.

Mid-Century Modern

Between 1945 and 1980 modern architects loved to create bold and unique designs. Mid-Century Modern architecture mostly features flat planes, huge glass windows and most of these homes are designed to integrate nature inside the building.

French Provincial

If you want a luxury home with romantic appeal then French Provincial is the right architectural style for you. This design is inspired by the French countryside and even modern luxury homes with this style feature plenty of steep roofs and symmetrical proportions.

Greek Revival

A Greek style home with plenty of tall columns and pediments, bold moldings and a symmetrical shape might be a good idea for a very functional luxury home that is bound to stand out. This home trend doesn’t feature plenty of bold colours and doesn’t need to – with elegant, shades of white and ivory on your exteriors; your home will be bound to make a powerful impression.


Modern home styles are usually inspired by some form of historical movement and as such these homes are usually pretty unique. A modern home can make your home look very authentic and will fit right in with Perth’s latest home design trends.
While these architectural styles are very specific, there is no rule that says you cannot simply use these styles as inspiration for an ultimately new, fresh and unique luxury home design. You can alter, modify and combine any architectural style you want for the ultimate home of your dreams.

Narrow Lot Living

Narrow Lot Living

Our beautiful city of Perth is ever growing and expanding, and the size of residential blocks are becoming increasingly smaller to accommodate. Narrow lots are growing in popularity, inspiring a new perspective when designing a home which opens the door to fresh and creative ways to live in luxury.


Our designers and builders are learning new ways to fully utilise a narrow block to its full potential, and below we’ve highlighted all the positives to this new approach to building and why we love it.


1. Luxury Views

If you can’t build out, you can always build up. In fact, we recommend exploring the options of a multi-storey home when building on a narrow lot. Adding luxury with each level, this also allows your home to take advantage of the beautiful views Perth has to offer. Whether it be our vibrant city or Indian Ocean blues, a second (or third) level to your home allows you the chance to enjoy daily vistas that many can only dream of.

Narrow Lot Living

2. Location Desirability

Finding a block large enough to meet all of your dream home requirements in your ideal location can be tricky, especially when you have your sights set on an inner city or coastal location.


Opening your options to the possibility of a narrow lot can also open more opportunities to snap up land in these premium destinations. When you build with Domination Homes you can be assured that narrow lot living will not deter from the design and integrity of your custom home, so you can extend your land searches to locations you had previously thought impossible.


3. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Maintaining a large garden can be a tiring task that our busy lives don’t have time to manage. Plus, large outdoor areas can take away crucial space from your home design.


Instead, let Domination Homes design you a luxurious outdoor living space which seamlessly unites with your interior. These spaces are perfect for the home entertainer. And why not incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your design, adding a true touch of luxury.


Our latest display home, The Residence, demonstrates how you can seamlessly blend indoor with outdoor, while still making the most of your narrow lot or small lot. 

Narrow Lot Living

4. High Ceilings Mean Natural Lighting

Open plan living is something to strongly consider when building on a narrow lot. Open plan designs can really open up an area and give the illusion of space and flow within a home. Embrace all the natural light on offer and speak to your designer about incorporating high ceilings or two storey voids in your home.


Further to this, choose large glass windows running from floor to ceiling, and bi-folding French glass doors to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Take a look at how The Residence uses all of these design techniques to create open and natural lit spaces which are perfect all year around.


Don’t let narrow lot living compromise on the luxury of having a sheltered garage to keep your prized possessions safe. Speak to our designers about a custom home which incorporates a below-ground garage, achievable with our market leading building technologies.

Narrow Lot Living

Overall, the perks of building on a narrow lot can outweigh any qualms you may initially have. With our society constantly moving toward the idea of going out to enjoy our beautiful city, the need for a giant backyard isn’t a necessity anymore. Our specialised team of designers and builders are here to help you get the very most out of your land and bring your dream home to life in a location you may have never thought possible. Discover our full selection of custom built homes to be amazed at how diverse and beautiful your narrow lot build can be.

The Selection Process

The Selection Process

Deciding to build the home of your dreams is an exciting adventure and here at Domination Homes, we have made the selection process a personalised experience to be enjoyed. The selection process is truly a key part of finalising your home and seeing the design really come to life. Our stunning selection showroom is filled with plenty of high quality and luxury items that will make your home one of a kind.

Our clients first come into contact with the selection showroom once they have their first initial design meeting. This enables our team to really get a sense for who they are and what the home will need to reflect.

Once the home design has been finalised, the exciting part happens. We provide pricing, specifications are given, documentation prepared and the signing of the preparations plan agreement. This allows for a 3% investment that allows for working drawings to help begin the selection process.

The Selection Process

Here at Domination Homes, we offer an extremely competitive investment, with most builders currently requesting 6.5% at this stage and making clients sign a building contract up. This means that all selections and plan changes are carried out after, which can leave clients exposed and accepting of costs that the builder presents without the option of challenging this due to contracts being signed in advanced.

During this process, we are very transparent that your contract is signed after all of your selection and plan changes have been completed so you have a clear understanding of your full costing before signing a building contract.

From here our clients get a one on one meeting with our dedicated prestart consultants. Our highly skilled team will go through your plans in detail, including the externals, internals, bathrooms, kitchen and check all modifications. Going over these plans together allows for our prestart consultants to get a better understanding of the needs and requirements from a personal perspective and helps them find the best solutions for the client’s home.

The Selection Process

Our prestart consultant will guide you through the entire selection process including colour palettes, themes and styles that will uniquely suit each client and custom-built home. This process helps ensure the longevity of the homes and ensures that the finishes are something that the client will love for years to come.

The showroom is truly stocked with some incredible items including a wide variety of standout features. In particular, our clients are always impressed by our free-standing bath range, balustrading, stone bench tops and our unique variety of cabinetry selections.

While we have an incredible selection, we know that each home is as unique as the owners, which is why if you can’t find the perfect piece within our showroom, we will find the perfect piece. Our consultants are experts when it comes to sourcing a unique custom piece for your home and will always strive for the best option to suit your plans.

The Selection Process

The selection process is one of the most exciting parts of any custom home build and we pride ourselves on what our team offers. To see more of our showroom, click here and to find out more about building your dream home with Domination Homes, click here.

Designing Your Custom Master Wardrobe

One of the first things homeowners think about when they hear the words ‘custom design’ is a master wardrobe, and for good reason. Too many homes have inadequately-sized wardrobes that are barely functional and incredibly frustrating. Wouldn’t you love a wardrobe that has everything you need in your next home? With custom luxury homes by Domination Homes, you can have the wardrobe of your dreams. Here’s what you should keep in mind when designing your next custom wardrobe.


Storage is Essential

While you want your new master wardrobe to be beautiful and elegant, you also want to make sure it’s functional. Storage should be your number one priority when you’re designing a custom wardrobe. Be sure to include ample shelving, racks, and ideally a nice hutch that includes plenty of drawers and counter space. When you have ample storage, your wardrobe won’t look as cluttered and disorganised. The more storage you have in your space, the better.
Designing Your Custom Master Wardrobe


Maximise Your Space

The best wardrobes are ones that really maximise on space – that means thinking about using floor to ceiling space for storage and decor. Utilise as much wall space as you can for hutches, racks, and shelving so you can use the central wardrobe space for something else. If your custom wardrobe is big enough and you use the space wisely, you can add a small seating area or decorative table in the centre of the room or use the space for additional storage if you need it.


Think Big

Bigger is always better when it comes to custom wardrobes. We’ve seen too many wardrobes that are far too small – in fact, some are so small that they can barely be used. You deserve a large master wardrobe that you’re not stressed about. Give yourself enough space so your wardrobe can easily store all of your things while still looking stylish.


Everything Has Its Place

One of the best tips for designing your master wardrobe is to take an inventory of what you already own to see how much space you need. By mapping out what you have, you can then create a custom wardrobe that fits your exact needs. Find a place for everything in your designs so you can be sure it will work for you.


Sharing is Caring

While it may be tempting to design your master wardrobe just for yourself, sharing with your spouse or partner is always recommended. Nobody likes to have to use a smaller wardrobe in another room, and designing the space together is a great bonding experience. Two people sharing the wardrobe gives you the perfect excuse to make the wardrobe even bigger.


Don’t Forget Lighting

When upgrading your wardrobe, lighting is essential. If your custom wardrobe is large enough to walk into, you’ll want to make sure you have enough lighting to make the space feel comfortable. Not enough light can make the space look dark and cramped. We can help you choose the perfect lighting for your new master wardrobe.


Partner with the Best

Our top tip for designing your new master wardrobe is to partner with the best custom home designers in the business. We are passionate about turning dreams into reality, and our team of expert designers can do just that. From initial concept designs to the moment you get your keys and beyond, we are going to be with you every step of the way on your custom home journey. For more information on what our team can do for you or to set up a consultation with one of our design specialists, contact the team at Domination Homes today. (Link to contact form)

Planning Your Home For Your Future

It’s a beautiful adventure to embark on when you begin a new home build, and it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the now. Understandably, you want to build a home which reflects your current styles, ambitions and successes.


But in the midst of all this, have you stopped to consider what shape your future may take, and how your home will need to accommodate this?


Our clients differ immensely, and we understand that not everyone might have thought about these key questions. That is why when you build with us, you get the opportunity to work side by side with our design team from start to completion of your home.  So, what exactly will you be needing?



Will your home see the pitter patter of children, calling for nurseries and bedrooms? Or do young adults in your family require some extra chill out spaces for them and their friends? Take a moment to consider the layout of your home, potentially setting children’s bedrooms and their romper room up in one section, while you enjoy your peaceful escape on the opposite side of the home.


This is also important to consider if you are an entertainer, as you might want a space that is well clear of the bedroom and the more private areas of your home. That’s why speaking to your Domination Homes designer about your lifestyle can help us create the right configuration for your home.

Planning Your Home For Your Future


Focus points

Does your wardrobe define you, calling for luxurious storage space like something out of a New York City penthouse? Or is it the kitchen which is the true heart of your home, calling for a spacious design which stands the test of time. Whichever it may be, we can create home designs which allow for just that.


These focus points throughout your home are often areas that you will spend the most time in. So not only is deciding the layout important, but it is also important to make sure you’ve made the right selections in terms of white goods and finishes. Think about shelving, stone elements and lighting. Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start, your Dominations Homes designer is able to assist!


Planning Your Home For Your Future 

Livable Homes

If you’re finally building the home of your dreams to live out the better part of life in, it’s important to work with a designer who can look to your future needs, in terms of ease of landscaping, single or multi-level living, staircase designs for ease of access, and things like utilising products which are economically and sustainably friendly.


Additionally, you might want to consider making some areas of your home ideal for reconfiguration in the future to make it a livable home. In particular, areas like the bathroom are important to consider. This is important if one day you may have an elderly relative living with your or even for yourself in the future.



With the option of meeting your prestart consultant out of the office for advice on choices such as tile selections, colour palettes or feature wallpapers, you can take comfort in the fact that you have a professional consultant on your side, whose priority is creating a home design which stands the test of time.


Our high-quality building materials and trusted building professionals also mean that if your design is created to stand the test of time, you can be guaranteed that so will your construction.


Maintaining longevity in your home is an important step to consider in your design process, and our professional team can provide guidance on this while asking the important questions. Always take a moment to pause and ask yourself ‘what do I want to get out of this home?’.


Our range of versatile building options, along with the fact that you get to work side by side with a designer who asks all the right questions, will allow for you to create a home which is forever functional. This means you can rest assured knowing that your home will always be able to cater to changing lifestyles, expanding or downsizing families, and everything in between.


Find out more about building with Domination Homes by contacting us.

The Two Storey Experts

We know a thing or two about designing luxury two storey homes. They are in fact a speciality that we have developed over a history that spans over 40 years. Our designs are reflective of the people who come to us and no two homes will ever look the same.


Two storey home design for our team means that they are allowed greater design freedom. While these options may change regarding the outside of your home due to zoning, the inside of the home is free reign for making the space your own and uniquely yours. The team at Domination Homes makes sure that your home is designed to maximise your space and focuses on the details that make your home great.


The world is your oyster when it comes to two storey home design and we know exactly what you should consider when you’ve got the luxury of space available to you.


Home theatre 

A home theatre is a perfect option if you like to indulge in the movie experience minus a trip to your local theatre. A feature in many of our two storey luxury homes in Perth, this fantastic room can be catered to suit any space. Key factors to think about are screen size, lighting requirements and sound requirements that can be included during the building phase. Once this is complete, you get the grand task of decorating the space with some Gold Class luxury styled lounges.

The Two Storey Experts



The scullery is truly a must in any home that allows space and with a two storey home, your Domination Homes designer can find the perfect positioning to add this to your home design. The scullery allows for a true sense of luxury that separates the kitchen preparation area from the actual kitchen. Allowing for the space that everyone entertains in to remain neat and tidy.

 The Two Storey Experts


Outdoor entertaining

An outdoor entertaining space is a must for any two storey home. A feature that can easily be included to suit your block size and the style of your home, it really is the ultimate show of luxury. Domination Homes creates outdoor entertaining spaces that allow for the seamless blend of inside to the outside of the home. Key things that our team recommend adding to these spaces include an outdoor kitchen and bi-fold doors that take you from the inside to the outside.

The Two Storey Experts  



Old fashioned indulgence is truly making a comeback and the cloakroom is a must to consider in your two storey home. Our clever team can set aside the perfect recess that will act as a cloakroom which is perfect for those who like to entertain! However, a cloakroom doesn’t just need to be for the entertainer, it’s a great space that can be used to store your winter coats that act as a grab and go option before you leave the home.



Walk-in wardrobe 

The ultimate indulgence is a walk-in wardrobe. Not only is this the perfect addition to the master bedroom, but it also makes storing all of your luxury bags, shoes and clothes a dream. A two storey home is the perfect excuse to use your space wisely and invest in an area of the home in which your whole day starts. Our design team can help with everything from the shape of the room, to the storage solutions and most importantly deciding on the best lighting for the room.

The Two Storey Experts  



The adult’s retreat is a must for any busy family. This space is truly one to invest in that allows for an area that is full of peace and quiet. Our design team can cater this space specifically to your needs and often we see popular choices of a refreshments area and a surprise television! Just like in our display home, The Residence.

The Two Storey Experts

The options are endless when it comes to designing your luxury two storey home with our team. Space is really the ultimate version of luxury and we know that we can deliver the home of your dreams. To speak to our team more about building your two storey luxury home. Click here.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Custom Home Builder in Perth

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Custom Home Builder in Perth

Are you tired of paying high fees for low-quality home construction services in Perth? It’s time to jump ship and hire a professional who has a stellar record and is committed to ensuring that your expectations and needs are met throughout the home building process.

Unlike in the past when there were only a handful of home builders, the current market is flooded with service providers in this niche to the extent that most homeowners feel overwhelmed when evaluating the companies. Extensive research and having a clear objective of what you want to achieve at the end of the construction project will help you make the right decision.

Today, we look at four key things to ask your builder before proceeding with your dream home.

Legal Accreditation

Is your builder legally accredited? The best custom home construction companies are legally accredited to offer the best quality services. More importantly, they are certified members of renowned professional bodies such as Master Builders Association of Western Australia. We would highly recommend requesting to view a builders accreditation before deciding on any job moving forward. Additionally, a quick background check of each company on your list will also come in handy during the evaluation process.

Timely Completion of Project

Professional home builders always ensure that a series of meetings with clients to discuss all aspects of the project. At the end of the meetings, they come up with an ideal work plan that acts as a guide. At Domination Homes, we make sure we are completely transparent with the building process. This means that work deadlines are met to ensure that the project is completed on time, if delays arise, the team will directly contact you and make sure that you are aware of the delays.

Custom Home Construction Packages

Even though most companies have hundreds if not thousands of designs and plans that clients can peruse through and use to make a decision on how they want their new home to look like, there is no guarantee that the designs available will suit your personal taste.

No need to worry though – the best home builders in Perth are always willing to adjust their processes to come up with custom packages for clients. At Domination Homes, we treat every home like a true piece of art and will work on creating a unique design package that is reflective of your style.

Affordability and Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, the best custom home builder will come up with a robust work plan that will ensure that the project is completed on time. Secondly, their personnel are highly trained and multi-talented. They are willing to work even past the normal working hours and during the weekend to ensure that the project is completed on time. More importantly, they can work under minimal supervision. This means that you don’t have to be on-site to oversee all the processes.

Thirdly, their packages are specially tailored to suit the financial capabilities of all their customers. When you deal with Domination Homes, that means we source all of our products from quality suppliers who we have been working with for years. This allows us to secure the best rate, for the high-quality building services.

Bonus Tip

Make sure that you read the contract agreement document and if any section or phrase is unclear, do not shy away from asking for clarification to avoid any inconveniences down the road. More importantly, make sure that the contractor has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives that you want to achieve at the end of the project to get value for every dollar that you spend.

At Domination Homes, we understand that building the home of your dreams isn’t just a short-term commitment. We know that each build is a massive undertaking and we offer the same quality of service that we would to our family members. In doing this we achieve our mantra of built on tradition, designed on innovation.

Common Building Hurdles and How We Overcome Them

Common Building Hurdles and How We Overcome Them

It’s an exciting step in any home building dream becoming a reality. You’ve got your 1000sqm block, and you’re ready to build your home. But what happens when the block you’ve purchased doesn’t equal a house of that size, and more importantly why?


We answer these questions with a look at how Domination Homes can help to overcome the common hurdles of building your luxury homes.


In any build of any style, the most common issues faced are always block size and slope. They are unavoidable factors which, if not addressed properly, can have an impact on the final outcome of your dream build.


At Domination Homes, one of the crucial first steps in your build is a contour survey of your block. Completed prior to any building on your site, it is run by a fully qualified surveyor and allows our team the full details of your block.


Levels, angles, encumbrances, easements and boundary alignments are all elements of potential design restrictions, so by acknowledging these early in the process, we can optimise all that which we have to work with.


Another dilemma which is highly unavoidable when building is that of neighbours and neighbouring properties. Existing fences, retaining walls, encroaching buildings or overshadowing courtyards all come into play and can affect the design process and the final size of your build.


Building with Domination Homes means that you’ll receive a personal block inspection by our Head Designer, Steve, with his 35 years plus of experience. His initial inspection will highlight any potential challenges and allows us to conceive simple and pleasing solutions early on, eliminating any future headaches, and allowing your home to reach the full potential of size.


Local authorities and land developers can also pose potential issues when it comes to your design and build. Ranging from Wanneroo to Mandurah alone, there are 30 Local Councils, each with differing policies and regulations. These can include streetscapes, building heights, boundary walls or set back distances, all of which will affect the size of your home.


Keeping up with these policies and changes can prove a struggle for some, but you can be assured that we have the best of the best keeping us regularly updated to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your planning approval and maximising the space your block presents.


As our population continues to grow, and houses continue to get built, rules and regulations will constantly be changing and updating, as will styles and trends. Building with Domination Homes allows you the best of both worlds; professionals who address potential setbacks before they exist, and creators who can build your dream home regardless of the hurdles that must be overcome.


Our selection of custom built homes speak for themselves in demonstrating the way, time after time, we deliver unique and incredible masterpiece builds while working around all the aforementioned obstacles.


Two blocks; the same size, in the same Council, in the same suburb, may not necessarily equal the same home twice. But we’re in the market to build unique masterpieces, so let us design your dream home perfectly unique to your dream block of land.


To have a glance at our range of custom built designs, click here, or to find out more about how we can bring your dream home to life on even the narrowest of blocks, read our blog ‘Living Large on a Narrow Lot’.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

Building your dream home is one of the greatest journeys life can bring you. However, before you undertake this adventure it is key that you ask your builder a certain set of questions prior to building. Below we have our top recommendations of what questions you should be asking and how Domination Homes address each.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

1. How long have you been in the business for?

Before there was Domination Homes, there was Minniti & Son, a building company founded by our patriarch, Salvatore Minniti after his arrival from Italy in 1961. Over the years, Salvatore trained up son Domenic who later went on to create what Domination Homes is today, alongside brothers-in-law Marco and Mark. This rich family tradition means that we bring over 40 years of experience and knowledge to the table. We’ve been building luxury homes since our competitors were just getting started, making us the standout choice for your luxury build.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

2. Do you sign a building contact up front or is this done after your prestart is completed?

At Domination Homes we like to think we offer a fairer approach to your building contract than our competitors. Throughout the prestart process, your design selections can vary dramatically, affecting the price of your completed home.

This is why we like to finalise all our Internal & External Designs, Cabinet Designs, Stone Top Selection, Paint Colours, Lighting, Saniware, Wall & Floor Tiles, Electrical and Timber Flooring to mention many. Simply ask yourself, why would you sign a building contract if none of the above has been completed? Domination Homes believes this is a much fairer way of allowing complete transparency between both parties, and ensuring you’re not confronted by any unexpected costs or budget overruns.

3. Do you have experienced supervisors with a trade background?

You can rest assured we guarantee your supervisor will be a highly experienced and trained worker, with a strong background and knowledge of construction. We carefully select each of our tradespeople for their experience, commitment and quality of work.

4. Can I speak directly with my supervisor and meet him on site?

Yes, you can. We understand that our clients appreciate open communication with site supervisors, as you like to be updated on how the build is progressing. After all, it’s your home we’re building, and we love allowing you the flexibility and ease of visiting your site with our supervisor and talking about the process. Plus, visiting the site during the building process is an exciting visit to make as it gives you a chance to see your dream home coming to life before your eyes.

5. Do you have an in-house Designer with over 30 years of experience?

Our Head Designer Steve has over 35 years of experience in the building industry. Not only is he highly skilled in bringing to life your dream home through his designs, he also personally inspects your block prior to designing to identify any potential challenges there may be to work with. His extensive experience allows him to identify challenges which other building companies may not, thus creating a seamless design and build process from the very start.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

6. Can I meet my Prestart consultant outside the office to help with colour and tile selection?

Yes, you absolutely can meet your consultant outside of the office. They are an asset to your building team and are able to help with colour choices, tile selection and other design queries you may have. We want you to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible, and we’re by your side through the whole process. At Domination Homes we are proud of the difference in service we can offer, and we know our customers appreciate it too.

7. Will I have one person allocated to me from start to finish that I can communicate with?

We agree that it is vitally important to have one person work with you from start to finish. They will have a complete and complex understanding of your build, your designs, and the ambitions and dreams you have for your final product. Communication throughout the building process is key, and we want you to feel as though the person looking after you, knows you and exactly what you want.

8. Do you have an in-house showroom to make selections easy?

Yes, we do. Our showroom features a wide range of products and styles to inspire you and bring to life the designs you may have in your head. Our in-house showroom makes the selection process very easy and efficient for all parties involved.

9. If I am not sure on the house design, can you supply me a 3D virtual tour of my home, and will you charge me?

Yes, we can. It is a common struggle people face when building that it becomes hard to look at a plain 2D version of a design and still remain inspired, or even be able to visualise a final outcome. We take pride in being able to offer you a 3D virtual tour of your home, so you can see your dreams literally coming to life in front of you before a brick has been laid. Once you have completed your design process with us, this technological experience is complimentary, courtesy of Domination Homes. We aim to offer all that we can to make your experience as inspiring and stress-free as possible.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

10. Do you charge for a design?

Absolutely not. At Domination Homes we believe that if you are serious about building with us, then we are serious about designing a home for you. The money we earn, we earn through our hard work bringing to life your home which meets your requirements and budget, and not simply through charging a design fee.

For further information on the process we follow to build your dream home, click here to read more.

Signs you are outgrowing your home

Signs you are outgrowing your home

The home is where the heart is, but what happens when you start to outgrow your current living space? At Domination Homes we understand that over the course of your life, your home requirements will change. Luckily, we have identified some of the key signs that it could be time to move out of your current home and embark on the path of building your dream home.



Is your home starting to look darker as time goes on? This could be because of a dated design which features fewer windows than a modern home (like the kind we can build you). So, if you are finding yourself constantly walking into dark spaces and your eyes have to adjust as you go from the bedroom to the hallway, it might be time to consider a change!



Are you challenged on space? It might be that you are finding your extra-large house now seems too big without all your children in it. Maybe your growing brood of children requires an extra bedroom and a theatre room to keep them entertained. Or maybe you just need extra space in the home so that everyone can peacefully have their own space to relax, think games rooms, a walk-in wardrobe fit for a queen and a private study!

Signs you are outgrowing your home


Possibly you live too far away from work and a commute that was once bearable, now seems like mission impossible every day. Maybe your picture-perfect neighbourhood now has apartment buildings popping up and you need a sea change. These are all signs it might be time to move on and find your next dream block.




You look for inspiration anywhere other than your home and you also take leisurely drives to suburbs you’d rather live in. On top of this, you currently search for new home inspiration across sites like Pinterest and Instagram to try and figure out exactly what you are looking for!


New home talk

Are you constantly talking about what it would be like to build your dream home? Then it’s time to move on!

Signs you are outgrowing your home

All the signs above mean that it could be time you come and speak to the team at Domination Homes. From your initial meeting with our expert team, you’ll realise that we are truly ahead of the game when it comes to building your dream luxury home.


The process of building your dream home is one we understand that you won’t take lightly, and we are here to deliver the best possible product to you at the end of the journey. To find out more about this process contact us today. Curious to find out from our clients direct? Click here.

Building your new home- Fears and Facts

With over 40 years’ experience in the custom home building industry, we still see people reluctant to create their dream home because of fears and misinformation surrounding the process. We have shared the 6 most common fears about building a custom home and how Domination Homes eliminates them.

Building your new home- Fears and Facts

Fear no. 1: Custom homes cost far more than pre-built homes.

Communication is key here and at Domination Homes we understand that every person has a different budget. This is why we take the time with each client to go through the whole building process from design to contracts and support so that nothing is left to the unknown. Choose your maximum budget for the build and we will work with you to ensure you stay inside your range for your luxury home.


Fear no. 2: It takes too long to build a home.

Building a home does take time but from the minute we welcome you on board, we make sure that you know exactly what timeframe is needed for the build from the plot selection to the key handover. This way you can plan in advance and stay up to date with the process every step of the way. Additionally, we are always up front with the project management of your home. So if there is a delay, we will be the first to let you know.


Fear no. 3: Building a custom home is too stressful.

We know how stressful building or buying a home can be and so we are proud of the difference in service we offer to our clients knowing that they can embark on their new home journey stress free. From the get go, Domination Homes provides a dedicated client liaison officer for support throughout the process. With Domination Homes, you’ll never be alone in the process.


Fear no. 4: Custom home builders are all the same.

In the current digital era, it is easier than ever to research and compare home builders now. If your dream home is luxury and one of a kind, then look for a team who reflect those values also. Domination Homes have over 40 years’ experience and connection in the industry so you can relax knowing that your dream home will come to life in reliable hands. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have said about their journey with us.


Fear no. 5: I need to know about home design to build one.

While you have probably spent hours on sites like Pinterest, pinning your favourite home design features and saving photos of colour schemes you love. The simple answer is no. You do not need to be a designer to build your custom dream home. The professional team at Domination Homes walks you through the design process offering expert advice and guidance on flooring choices to tapware. You can even head to our own Pinterest board today and get some inspiration.

 Building your new home- Fears and Facts


Fear no. 6: I won’t know what my home will look like until its done.

Our display homes are a perfect starting point for visualising what your dream home might reflect and may even inspire some design ideas of your own. Then once your plans are approved, we will provide you with your very own 3D virtual tour of your furnished dream home. You can experience every detail of your home and even take it home on USB so you can show it off to friends and family. We put your mind at ease so your dream home can become a firm reality.


These fears are sometimes the only things holding you back from owning the custom home of your dreams. We hope that by laying the truths out, you get peace of mind about the home building journey and how exciting it really is. Eliminate those fears and contact Domination Homes now to get your dream home journey started knowing that you are in the best hands.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest

Creating the luxury home of your dreams is no easy task and sometimes there are no words to describe your design ideas. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel, but one of the best ways to get your designs across effectively, is to get visual.


Creating a mood or inspiration board when building your dream home is a great way to stay inspired and ease the decision-making process. But gone are the days of trawling through magazines and cutting out your design ideas. The internet is full of inspiration and concepts can be found easily with a quick Google search. But by far the best way to collect and store all of your design ideas in one place is through Pinterest.


Think of Pinterest as a virtual mood board which allows you to scroll through thousands of photos and pin your favourites into collections or boards. Pinterest allows you to create and upload photos into custom boards like ‘Bathroom Ideas’ or ‘Luxury Flooring’, which can then be shared and re-pinned by others who are inspired by the photos. It is easy to get lost in the Pinterest world with so many beautiful and inspiring boards, but by following and collecting ideas that resonate with you and your style, your dream home will start to come to life.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest


In any relationship between designer and client, communication is always key. But we are all different, with diverse experiences, ideas and styles. Words will rarely suffice when it comes to communicating your dream home vision, and that’s where a mood board comes in. Your mood board can be as limited, or as expansive as your heart desires.


Are you a minimalist? Contemporary? Traditionalist? Do you place importance on open floor plans with space for a family lifestyle, or does your life require a structured home design with secluded areas for working? Neutrals or bright colours? Tiles or polished concrete?


Bring all of your ideas to life with a comprehensive mood board, which you can then take to your designer. If you find yourself unable to convey certain styles or ideas, Pin it! Having the freedom to sit down and both look at a collection of images means you’ll all be on the same page from the beginning and is guaranteed to streamline your entire design process.


Not only is Pinterest great for inspiration, the platform is a great way to keep on top of the latest design trends each season. And with photos linking to the original sources, you can always find more information about products or designs.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest


There are over 70 million Pinterest users and amongst those are luxury home builders like Domination Homes. We use Pinterest to share our custom home designs with you as well as find inspiration from others. Many of our clients choose to share their Pinterest boards with us throughout the process of designing and building their luxury home, and it allows us to truly bring to life their dream.


To start your pinspirational journey, discover the latest design ideas from Domination Home’s boards by clicking here, and watch your custom dream home come to life.

Landscaping Your Luxury Home

When building a luxury home, you want the finest finishes across the board. That’s why landscaping should always be a crucial part of your home design and planning. Landscaping not only offers finishing touches on your home, it also adds value. Research shows that it can increase your home’s value per dollar spent on landscaping, offering up to a 109% return*. So what types of landscaping should you invest in? Below we have listed our top 5 recommendations.


Front verge

This is a must as the front of your home is the first thing people see, so why detract from that with average landscaping? Landscaping at the front of your home should be clean and crisp. If you have large street frontage, think perfectly laid turf with sharp edging. It would also be wise to incorporate low growing scrubs and feature footpaths or stone work to lead up to your home.


Front verge


Pool spaces

At Domination Homes we find that many of our clients desire a pool with their custom build home, which is why landscaping around this area is key to consider. To keep space open, we would recommend glass pool fencing and a feature decking material to surround your pool. Key choices we see over and over again include timber decking, stone paving or honed concrete. Once you’ve decided on these details, think about incorporating raised feature garden beds around the outside of your pool. These are best filled with plants that will tolerate lots of sun such as succulents, cactuses and evergreens. Or go for a more resort feel with an established Frangipani tree.


Pool spaces



Plants may be the obvious choice while landscaping but that doesn’t make them any less important. Regularly, we now see homes with garden beds framing the outer edges of the block, allowing for free-flowing open spaces. This can help create the illusion of a larger block. These outer beds can be filled with low maintenance natives or for a classical approach choose a Lilly Pilly that hedges well over time. To incorporate pops of colour throughout your yard, think of including statement pots with seasonal florals. This adds colour, without the clutter!




Water features

Water features are a perfect way to add a tranquil, classy retreat to your home. Water features can be incorporated into a variety of areas in your home. For example, place in a leafy, shaded area of your backyard and set up an outdoor setting for a casual retreat. Alternatively, if you have an outdoor entertaining space, use the water feature as a talking point that blends both with the inside of your home and the outdoors. We have created this look perfectly at our display home – The Residence, click here to see more.


Water features



This multifunctional space is hugely popular over recent years and is one that we have come to include in most of our custom designs. These outdoor spaces now feature enviable entertaining areas coupled with an outdoor kitchen. To further make your alfresco area stand out, think of including feature garden beds around the area. Think structural plants and filling the garden beds with pebbles to show a point of difference. Another popular option is to include raised garden beds throughout the alfresco area, stick to low lying plants within these areas and choose a textual plant to make a point of difference.




If you are thinking of building your dream home, contact the team at Domination Homes today.




Walking on Luxury

Walking on Luxury

Flooring is one of the key reflections of your luxury home design and it can be difficult to decide on the best for you. At Domination Homes, we want to ensure your flooring choice enhances your luxury home experience and compliments your style. Read on to learn more about our top 5 flooring picks and which one is right for your new home.


Porcelain tiles– Highly resistant to wear, easy to clean and visually appealing, porcelain tiles are always a great option for areas with high traffic use. Porcelain is a fine, dense flooring made from clay which can be altered to replicate other styles like marble which means they are a great investment and can even increase the value of your property.


Timber flooring – Whether engineered or solid, timber flooring is durable, easy to clean and practical when it comes to maintenance. Unlike carpeted floors, solid timber flooring can last many years and can be repurposed at the end of its life. One of the many benefits of solid timber is that it can be sanded back multiple times and restored to a pristine condition. We love that timber floors can be used throughout the home and has the ability to transform a house into a true luxury home through its naturally warm and attractive appeal. The options with timber are endless from dark and rich, to light and welcoming.


Natural stone tiles-In terms of flooring, nothing is more elegant and luxurious than natural stone. Each piece of stone used is a rare creation of minerals making every floor uniquely beautiful. Common natural stone flooring includes limestone, sandstone, travertine and slate all with unique qualities that suit different rooms. While natural stone flooring requires more care, it can provide a luxurious wow factor in a room.


Polished concrete- Highly durable and always on trend, polished concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for a sophisticated yet glamorous appeal. Be prepared for enhanced lighting too as polished concrete’s shiny surface absorbs light and illuminates a room by 30%. If you prefer a flooring that requires little maintenance then polished concrete is for you. This flooring is generally protected from stains and scratches which makes it ideal for any room. While a beautiful option, take into account that natural cracking may occur during the product’s lifespan.


Ceramic tiles – The diversity and durability of ceramic tiles are what makes this flooring choice so special. Ceramic tiles have been used as a superior flooring choice for centuries now as they can be customised into desired patterns and colours for every style. Ceramic tiles are a timeless, luxurious and durable flooring choice which offer endless possibilities when creating your own unique style throughout your home.


We understand that choosing the right flooring can be a difficult decision. However, the expert design team at Domination Homes make can your selection easier. Speak to our team today about the best options for your luxury home.

The Point of Difference

The Point of Difference

Building the home of your dreams is no small task and at Domination Homes, we know that our high-quality design phase is what makes a real difference and sets us above the industry standard. But what makes us different? We’ve listed below the most important aspects for our clients when choosing to build with us.

The Beginning

Contour survey
We will ask you for a contour survey of your block. This is done by a qualified surveyor and it must be completed prior to building on any site. This step is important as it gives our team the full details of the block. Including levels, angles, encumbrances, easements and boundary aliments. These are all items that can potentially cause design restrictions, so by having this information at the beginning, we are able to give you the best possible service.

Site inspection
Our Head Designer Steve with over 35 years of experience, will go out and inspect your block of land to determine what potential challenges you’ll have to work with during your dream home build. This is such a crucial step and is all completed prior to the first initial meeting!

The initial meeting- professional brief
This is possibly one of the most important parts of the whole process. We ask you to join us at our showroom to discuss your vision and dreams of your future home. You bring to us what you hope to achieve, things you’ve seen that inspire you and possibly you’ll show us the all-important Pinterest board! This meeting allows for our team to really understand the essence of your home and bring your dreams to reality through the process of a professional design brief.

The Point of Difference

Moving forward

Designs coming to life
The next stage of the design process is where things finally start to come together on paper and also visually. We provide working drawings, upper and lower floor plans that are fully dimensioned with all elevations supplied.
Once you are 100% happy with your briefs, we will complete your 3D virtual tour. The custom designed 3D virtual tour will show you your home furnished and landscaped, and complete with the pool layout. This is presented to you at the Domination Homes showroom and allows you a firm perspective on how your dream home will look.
The best part? You get a take home a USB of the 3D virtual tour so that you can show your family and friends your home in the making.

Costing and signatures
Once you are completely happy with all design elements and 3D tours, you will be given a custom design specification fully documenting the build and full costing. From here we will have you sign an agreement and place a deposit for the build.

The whole process starts with a conversation and ends with your moving into your dream home. The total architectural in-house design service is valued at over $5000 and is offered at a no-obligation cost. So to start building the home you’ve always wanted, speak to our team today by clicking here.

Luxury Trends for 2018

The beginning of 2018 brings with it fresh trends and new designs set to inspire another year of luxury living. Predictions for this year foresee home styling trends reflecting current social trends of a calm life balance and natural earthen luxury.

As our lifestyles continue to revolve more around technology, our homes become a place to seek solitude and peace from our busy routines. Continue reading for our tips on the top trends of 2018 to achieve total interior luxe.


Dark Woods- This year will see a shift from the classic Scandinavian light woods we’ve been enjoying in recent years, to darker and richer tones of delicious chocolate browns and walnut woods. Statement pieces like large dining tables or hand-crafted bookshelves can create a sense of ultimate natural calm.


Luxury Trends for 2018


Greenery- Pairing with the rich, dark woods comes bright and bold greenery which can liven up any room. Forget last year’s small succulents and think oversized palms, fiddle leaf figs or even a ficus. Choose big and bold pots to help the plant really make a statement. Not only will it add texture to your home, but there are also many benefits of having plants indoors, including minimising dust in the air and helping to keep room temperatures cool.


Cool Tones- As we continue to create homes which provide us a solace from busy lifestyles, cooler tones such as light linens and pearl greys will appear this year. Not only will they create a calming and peaceful space but will work with those rich wooden tones to balance the elements of your interior.


Luxury Trends for 2018



Terrazzo Flooring- This trend is on the way back for 2018 and bringing with it a classical timeless aura to any home. With its beautiful polished finish, this style gives any home a unique identity and a true sense of calm. Distinctive specks featured throughout the flooring gives a sense of earthy luxury and will make coming home to this space pure bliss.


Earthy Textures- Organic and earthy textures will see popularity this year, particularly rattan and wicker. Bright open dining and outdoor spaces can be livened up by incorporating rattan chairs or side tables with pops of colour brought to life through rugs and cushions. Simple wicker bed frames paired with light linens can create dreamy bedrooms to make you feel as though you’re in a 5-star beach resort. Don’t forget to bring in some greenery to compliment the natural tones.


Luxury Trends for 2018



Mixing Metals- This year we move away from basic stainless steel and continue to create luxury through interesting and unique accents of brass and copper. Tapware, door handles or even pendant lights and side tables can be found in beautiful copper tones and bring an ultimate level of luxury to your home.


Spa Bathrooms- If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is the soul. Having a luxurious bathroom to come home to at the end of a long day is pure bliss and can really help us relax and destress. The biggest bathroom trend of 2018 will continue to be the desire for resort style bathrooms, complete with luxurious bathtubs for candlelit soaks, his and hers spaces and lavish lighting to complete the space.

All white bathrooms are on the way out, so incorporate fresh greenery and pops of colour through tiles, tapware and accessories. Bringing the wooden look through from the rest of the house can really add a resort feel to transport you to your favourite holiday destination.


Luxury Trends for 2018


The Vogue- A Dream Home

Driving to The Vogue inspires you even before arrival. Set in the leafy western suburbs it’s sure to impress and upon arrival to the home, it does not disappoint. The Vogue is set on a wide block and has taken full advantage of the available space. The impressive stonework adds an element of natural luxury and the elevation sets it apart from the other homes on the street.

As Dr Shivani Singh greets our team, it is clear that she too is as elegant as this home.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Dr Singh tells us this is the first time she has built a home, and that she was really pleased with the overall result.

“We chose Domination Homes after going to their display home and we really loved their attention to details and their specifications, and their style,” said Dr Singh.

Walking through the home, you can see that it was designed for a family who not only considers the finer details, but a family who likes to entertain.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Dr Singh attributes the ease of the building process to the help of the Domination Homes architect.

“The architect was just wonderful, so that was another reason why we went ahead with them,” said Dr Singh.

“He just gave us what we wanted, what my vision of the house was.”

The vision that has been delivered showcases prominent design elements including light filled open spaces that feature floor to ceiling glass, creating a welcoming home environment.

Further to this, the luxurious elements such as wooden features, stone tile work and marble accents make the home a modern blend of textures.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


But creating a home that features so many intricacies is no easy feat.

Dr Singh told us that after finishing the build, they had several tradesmen coming through the home to finish small jobs.

“You know, when there are two people who don’t depend on each other, there is always a blame game. But I have to say, there were quite a few people who were working in this house and complimented the house.”

“They said to me, you don’t realise how complicated your house was and how well Domination Homes have worked around those complications,” said Dr Singh.

Dr Singh tells us that hearing this, confirmed that she had made the right choice by building with the team at Domination Homes.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Walking around the space, you can truly see that a dream home has been delivered. Every aspect leaves you in awe.

This home is a true testament to the luxurious, quality homes which Domination Homes can bring to life for you.

To see Dr Shivani Singhs full testimonial video, click here.

The perfect walk-in wardrobe

The wonderful wardrobe, whether you are ready to rule the boardroom in a power suit or keeping it colourful and vibrant, this room of the house sets you up for a whole day of success. Often a space that is over looked within homes, the wardrobe should not be forgotten, especially the master wardrobe.


At Domination Homes we understand the importance of having a space for your belongings that makes you proud, while also being functional. So, what makes the perfect wardrobe?



By far one of the most important options, especially when it is normally a shared area. Maximise your wardrobe space by sectioning it off from the rest of the master bedroom, popular choices have been to hide the wardrobe behind the bed or tapper it off in the direction of the bathroom, which can be seen in our display home – The Residence.



 To achieve an ultimately sleek and minimalistic look, imperative to any luxury build, having enough storage is incredibly important. A place for everything, and everything in its place’ so the saying goes, and that’s exactly how a master wardrobe should be built. Don’t allow for things to get cluttered and use a mix of hanging space and draws to utilise all available space.


Hanging space – high and low spaces

Utilising both high and low hanging spaces allows you to make the most of the space on offer. Try using the multi levels to set out your clothes, with shirts on top and pants or skirts on the bottom. Hang clothes as matching tops and bottoms for a quick and easy outfit choice on those early mornings.



Hollywood will tell you good lighting is everything and we completely agree. Good lighting can make or break a room, which is why Domination Homes focus so much of our attention on ensuring our master wardrobes are lit to perfection. Bright, sleek lighting with a feature chandelier or simple down lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your wardrobe and create a luxurious dressing space.



The simplest way to give an illusion of space and serenity is to incorporate mirrors into your master wardrobe. Not only are they practical, but they allow for lighting to bounce within the space, giving a sense of depth and space. Incorporate full length mirrors instead of wall tiles to create the ultimate wardrobe elegance.


These tops tips are a fantastic starting point to creating the master wardrobe of your dreams. Additionally, our expert design team can help you create the wardrobe of your dreams through our in depth design consultations. To find out more, visit our contact page.

Styling your luxury home

While we may build the home of your dreams, adding the finishing touches through styling makes all the difference. Style is a true reflection of your personality and we at Domination Homes have listed our favourite elements to incorporate into your new luxury home.


1. Artwork

Put your time and energy into sourcing standout pieces of art, whether it’s beautiful photography, unique wall hangings or dramatic floor pieces and statues. Sourcing local, one of a kind pieces will add a unique style to your new home and generate a talking piece for the house-warming party soon to follow.



2. Marble

The marble look is a contemporary style that can be incorporated into your home during the building stage or throughout the styling stage. It brings an air of elegance to any modern home, and will never leave your home looking dated. Its timeless style and impeccable finish leaves any space feeling like a seven star luxury hotel. Incorporate floor to ceiling marble tiles in bathrooms for a luxurious spa style or look to purchasing a marble top coffee table to add a subtle hint of luxury.


3. Wood

Luxury is all about combining a selection of high quality products to create contrast and elegance. Including wooden effects throughout your home can create a contemporary balance between natural and constructed materials. To achieve this look consider purchasing a statement wooden coffee table or dining table. Our current favourite style of timber include walnut for a darker finish and beech timber for a lighter tone throughout your home.


4. Textures

When choosing interior furnishings alternate between a variety of textured pieces. Choose from luxurious textures such as leather, velvet, or fur. These textual elements can be added through things such as couches, ottomans and bedframes. Additionally, accessories such as cushions and throws can add an easy stylish update. Think chunky knitted throws and leather pillows to create interesting layers. Prior to the building phase, speak to our designers about incorporating textured wallpaper in select rooms to add an ulterior level of design and sophistication to your home.


5. Mirrors

Incorporate strategically placed mirrors throughout your home to create a sense of light and space. Large floor standing mirrors can give the illusion of even bigger rooms, and hung wall mirrors allow light to bounce around brighten up any room. This small but important feature is an easy way to liven up your rooms and truly finish off your home with an elegant style.


Our top additional stylish elements can really make a difference to finalising your luxury home. However, never underestimate the power of fresh flowers, indoor greenery and candles. To learn more about our design process, speak to the team today.

The story behind The Residence

Recently the team at Domination Homes celebrated the launch of The Residence display home. Over 40 years’ experience has cumulated into this modern masterpiece, situated at 59 Glenelg St in Applecross.


The home was designed with entertaining in mind, and features a showcase central glass wine cellar, a stunning master bedroom and European tapware. The large format tiles are carried out through the entire home and add an element of luxury similar to a 7-star luxury hotel.


To find out the inspiration behind the home and the highlights, Sales Manager Marco DeCarolis explained the project from his perspective.


According to Marco, the main driving force behind building The Residence was to bring a new level luxury to the market.


“We wanted to bring to the market a level of luxury living, that will adapt no matter what your lifestyle involves,” he said.


The design of the home is a true testament to this by incorporating a focus of family life and entertainment, the heart of any home.


Marco said that the home is centred around the kitchen, as every great home should be.


“The rest of the family areas then flows seamlessly off this and the open outdoor spaces provide all the key elements needed to enjoy the fantastic climate of Perth all year round,” he said.


The home is truly a standout from other display homes in Perth, achieved through various design choices that seamlessly blend throughout the home.


Marco explained that the level of luxury, combined with carefully considered design elements within the home, sets it apart from others.


“Everything a modern home will need has been integrated into the design, allowing a clean flowing floor plan. We chose a handful of quality products and finishes and applied them with consideration to the overall feel of the home but also their functionality within the home,” he said.


The Residence showcases such luxurious design that one could almost be forgiven for thinking it was a 7-star resort, not a family home.


This is highlighted through the integrated design that incorporates the alfresco, pool and water feature, giving you a sense of relaxation and awe.


The design of The Residence has allowed for some show stopping features, with Marco stating that many people are simply in love with the master ensuite, followed by the walk-in robe.


“It’s breathtaking and after that, we get a lot of people comment on the wine cellar,” he said.


Since its opening in mid-October, the home has been received with praise and admiration.


According to Marco, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


“People who visit are saying it’s the best home they have seen in years, a home that they could see themselves in; they are simply blown away,” he said.


The quality of the design shines through The Residence and it is a testament to Domination Homes key focus – excellent design backed by quality trades.


The new display home sets Domination Homes apart from the rest of the market and Marco believes it comes down to family values.


“It’s the commitment that every client is treated the same and that you have direct access to family members of the company, so the homes we build, are like our own,” he said.


To see more of the display home, visit 59 Glenelg St on Monday and Wednesday 3pm – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm – 5pm.

How to create the ultimate outdoor area

Imagine if you had the most perfect outdoor area to complement your amazing luxury home? Well at Domination Homes, we make that vision a reality.


The perfect outdoor area is not out of reach. We have a dedicated team of experts who understand the fundamentals of creating a luxury outdoor space. Whether you have a narrow lot or some extra space to work with, we can make your dream outdoor area a reality. The outdoor area is dependent on the person and requires insight into the way the home is going to be used. When building with Domination Homes, you will work closely with our design team to create the perfect home.


So how does our team create the perfect home?


1. Incorporate your pool

Hot, Australian summers are the key reason that a pool is a requirement for any modern home. Incorporating your pool to complement your outdoor area, could mean that you add some elements of your outdoor setting in your pool area. This could mean that you have a lounge setting near your pool area, or look at ways to add elements of sociality to your pool.


2. Neutral colours

New year, new trend. And a new trend means that your existing outdoor décor goes by the wayside. Choosing neutral colours will give your home longevity and will allow for accents to supplement. In 2018, colour your outdoor area with accent colours like black forest, emerald green and watermelon red.


3. The perfect kitchen

You’ve heard of the scullery, but what about an entire outdoor kitchen? A staple in many modern homes, the outdoor kitchen allows you to take the entire party outside. Many people find that when they are entertaining, the guests will gravitate around the kitchen area. How do you get those guests outdoors? Bring your kitchen outside. It also minimises the mess that is made inside the house as you are preparing the food for your guests.


4. Maximising space

Given the shrinking nature of block sizes in Perth, it is important to maximise the space of your outdoor area so that you still feel as though it is a prominent feature of your home. If you are looking to create storage space, or space just to “chill out”, work with the people who understand how to create amazingly open spaces on a tight block. Make sure you work with the builders who understand how to build on a narrow lot.


To get a better idea of some of the amazing outdoor areas we can create at Domination Homes, visit our new display home at 59 Glenelg St, Applecross. The display home is open Monday and Wednesday 3pm to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. For more information, contact our sales team today. 

Living large on a narrow lot

Perth block sizes are shrinking; and shrinking fast. Narrow lot subdivisions are growing in popularity, particularly in established near-city areas closer to the Perth CBD. These suburbs are desirable, and thus it is important that in order to create the home of your dreams on these narrow lots, you speak to the professionals.


The team at Domination Homes loves working creatively. Narrow lots mean more ways to be creative. There are a number of ways to create your dream home on a narrow lot. Our range of homes can be adapted and changed in order to fit onto narrow frontages. Domination Homes can create stylish narrow lot homes, without forgoing any of your luxurious and stylish requirements. Our company believes narrow lots should not be a barrier to create an amazing home.


Natural lighting

As block sizes begin to shrink, it is very challenging to set yourself space between your home and your neighbour’s. In order to create open, airy spaces in your home, it is important to use a lot of natural lighting. The team at Domination Homes is experienced in creating open spaces using natural lighting as a signature feature.


High ceilings

Narrow doesn’t mean small. High ceilings can create open spaces in your home and make each room feel more spacious and luxurious. Logistics permitting, our team would work to create high ceilings, and voids above the entrance spaces to make your home feel more inviting.


Open plan all the way

It is very important in homes built on a narrow lot that you reduce the amount of “dead space”. Dead space is defined as any part of the home that is not actively used in your home. Open plan living is the best way to truly utilise every ounce of space in your home. Our team will create a flow through your entire home, and will likely create a living space that combines dining, kitchen, living and alfresco to give the illusion of large spaces.


Smart storage

Building a narrow lot home does not mean you have to forgo storage space. However, in order to maximise the use of space, it is important to think up or down. Adding an attic, or a basement to your home is the perfect way to ensure your storage space does not take up valuable living space. Your Domination Homes design consultant has the experience to help you maximise storage space, regardless of the size of your block.


Add a balcony

The important thing to remember with narrow lot living can still equal luxury. Adding a balcony extension upstairs can add valuable living space on the externals of a property. Not only does this look fantastic as part of any good elevation, it also works to capture any views you may have.


The right configurations

Our design team has worked on a plethora of block sizes, orientations and with many different Perth councils, so we are adept at creating homes unique to their location. This means that we understand the right configurations to make narrow lot homes work, regardless of how narrow the lot truly is.


Talk to the team at Domination Homes about creating a masterpiece on your narrow lot in Perth. As the experts in the Perth building industry, we understand just how to create that modern masterpiece you’ve been dreaming about.

Maintaining your luxury home

Just like everything else in your life, your luxury home needs regular check-ups to maintain its excellence and luxury. Protecting your investment is just as important as anything else. It makes sense to take pride in your home, as it will be with you for a long time. Carrying out regular maintenance on your luxury home is also important for its re-sale value. ​

But where to begin? The maintenance required for a luxury home is quite different from a normal home. You need to look at three different factors; aesthetics, structure and value.

Doors & Floors

 In terms of keeping your home in a great condition for the long-term, it is important to ensure that your doors and floors are kept in pristine condition. It is recommended that you check the operation of your door every three to six months, or more regularly if you use them frequented. Whilst you are carrying out this maintenance, it is recommended that you clean the guide track (based on the specific type of door utilised). You should also look at any hinges, springs, locks and opener chains and ensure they are properly lubricated. Lubricating these doors is going to ensure there is no friction as they continue to open and close. For doors with steel or another similar material, it is wise to clean the door with clean water and a cloth at least every 14 days. This will result in less build up around the areas of the door.

In terms of stone floors, you should also be cleaning these regularly with a natural stone soap cleaner, which are specifically designed to leave a protective shield every time you clean. To help the floors retain their beauty over time, be scrupulous about sand and dirt, and ensure you are regularly dust mopping your floor. Remember to always dry your stone floors after you do a clean. Also ensure that you never use any kind of acidic cleaner on your stone floors (be wary of its pH levels).

The view from the curb

 In terms of maintaining the re-sale potential of your home, it is important to ensure that everyone has a great first impression. Additionally, you also want to ensure that you are maintaining all of the externals of the home well. This includes maintaining the landscaping; the worst thing that detracts from the splendour of a home is marking on the external walls, staining on water features and overgrown grass. It is important to ensure that you are regularly maintaining the outdoor areas of your homes.

Given the extreme weather conditions of the Australian sun, it also makes sense to power wash your driveway regularly to ensure the area is clear of any debris, leaves, sand or excess water.

Other things to consider:

Do you have a fireplace? If you have a fireplace in your home, it should be cleaned at least once a year. This can be done by a professional or by yourself.

Do you live near the beach? Salt water can be the most damaging thing for the exterior of your home, including any decking or alfresco area. Be sure to regularly clean all of your external windows and decking if you live near the beach to ensure that you do not let summer wreak havoc on your home.

Do you have a young family? Whilst children are life’s greatest pleasure, they can also be a danger to any luxurious elements of your home. Be sure to create rules surrounding cleanliness, including “no food zones”, and leaving any muddy or dirty items at the door. This will avoid dragging dirt through the home that can get stuck in difficult-to-clean places.


All advice on cleaning is general, and you should consult a professional before using any product on elements in your home.

The Residence – exceptional living

Domination Homes is proud to announce the launch of The Residence, our latest display home open to the public. Based on the principles of our company motto – Designed on Innovation, Built on Tradition – this home is the jewel in the crown of Domination Homes.

Situated in Applecross, this palatial display home is cutting edge in both design, construction and finishes. A sight to be seen on Glenelg St, the Applecross display home has a grand entranceway, perfectly situated for the surroundings. The home was designed with entertaining in mind, with a particular emphasis on decadence and prestige.

So why visit the Residence Display home?

First of all, the home is demonstrative of everything that Domination Homes stands by – excellent design backed by quality trades. Just walking through the home, you will be able to note the fantastic finishes carefully selected by the team at Domination Homes. The Residence boasts all of the typical inclusions of a Domination Homes masterpiece, taken up to the next level.

The phenomenal ensuite oozes Sex and the City-esque cool and will appeal to both the man and woman of the house. You will feel as though you are in a luxury 5-star hotel suite rather than in your family home. The ensuite is complemented by latest European tapware, basins and a massive shower. The ensuite is covered from floor to ceiling with the very best European tiling – a marvel to view.

The cellar will also be a major talking point of the home, as it seamlessly blends in to the rest of the design, offering a style that is very few and far between in the Perth building industry. Our home integrates the stunning interior areas and an elegant outdoor area, in a way rarely seen in other Perth display homes.

The features and inclusions of the home are a testament to the sheer elegance of the design and the construction excellence of our team. Throughout the home, you will see timber flooring and stunning stone bench tops, which will give you a view of what you can achieve in your own custom home.

Structurally, the home takes cues from European and Australian innovation, combining influences from the two regions in perfect harmony. The sleek roofline that frames the home accentuates the elegance of the home, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anything who walks through.

The Residence is defined by warmth and functionality, all with an air of luxury and decadence. It is defined by its relevance both as a stunning design, but also as a home designed with family-life in mind. It strikes the perfect balance between luxury and functionality.

The home is set to be open in the coming months, with weekday, weekend and twilight viewings of the home. This is your chance to see everything Domination Homes has to offer in one location. A viewing of our display home will show you the manifestation of a strong design coupled with expert trade – something we at Domination Homes pride ourselves on.

In the interim, Domination Homes has an exclusive private residence also available for viewings via private bookings. To find out more, or to book a private viewing of the home, click here.

To stay up to date with developments at The Residence, sign up here.

The Ultimate Kitchen

The Ultimate Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of all homes. It’s where the family gathers every night to share a meal and talk about their days. Kitchens are about togetherness, creativity and entertaining. That is why we believe that when it comes to designing your kitchen, we all deserve the latest and greatest features. The kitchen is at the center of every home. Here are our top 6 must-haves for the ultimate kitchen:


Sculleries are the latest kitchen trend and are an absolute must have for a family that loves to entertain. Originally used as a servants’ kitchen, sculleries are now the perfect way to keep the main kitchen looking clean and organised. They provide a hidden room that can house any small appliances that you may not want sitting in full view in the kitchen, and prove extra bench space and storage for times when you need it. Sculleries have been incredibly popular in our latest home designs and we predict they won’t be going anywhere any time soon!


As this list goes on, you’ll soon discover that the most up-and-coming kitchen trends all work towards one thing: a truly seamless, minimalist, clean space. Integrating your large appliances such as fridges or dishwashers behind custom-made cabinetry, creates a seamless effect that will leave you thinking, “Is this the kitchen?”. Integrated appliances allow you to create a truly seamless design, as you no longer have to take into consideration how the appliance will work in the overall design.

Handleless Kitchens

Sticking with the theme of seamless kitchens, designing yours so that it is handleless creates a sleek, minimalist look. Choose from a range of substitutes for handles including a J shaped hook to run along the top of each cupboard or our personal favourite, the electric push-to-open drawers. A handleless kitchen will create a streamlined effect and add to your slick design.

Colour Palette

2017 is the year of minimalism and our kitchens aren’t exempt from this. Throughout our homes, we’re seeing neutral, monochromatic colour palettes with pops of live greenery or rich colours. For your kitchen, think industrial greys or sharp black and whites softened with natural wooden elements and plants.


Fridges that connect to your Wi-Fi so you can re-order your groceries and coffee machines that connect to your iPhone so you can set your coffee to start brewing at the same time your alarm goes off in the morning. These high-tech gadgets are by no means a necessity, but boy they are fun.

Waterfall edges

We’re seeing waterfall edges in a lot of our home designs recently. What are they? A waterfall edge refers to the way a stone bench top island extends down the side of a cabinet all the way to the floor. This once again, is perfect for creating a sleek, seamless look.

It’s clear from this list that kitchen design is moving towards completely integrated, seamless design, leaving you the space and freedom to create your next foodie masterpiece without all the clutter. For more information on how you can incorporate any of these features into your dream home, contact us today!

The Metro

The Metro
An ultra-modern home overlooking the Yokine golf course that oozes luxury in every way. Built for a family that loves to golf and entertain, it began with a desire to create a modern masterpiece that was both comfortable day-to-day for their family and felt luxurious and special, because why build a boring home? The Metro is the farthest thing from boring. This 3-storey home packs a punch on the 12.9m block.

This home is truly one to show off in front of friends and family, and the home makes this easy to do, with two perfect entertaining areas. The first – an alfresco area at the rear of the property that features an outdoor kitchen – perfect for those warm summer nights catching up with friends. The alfresco overlooks a beautiful pool that surely keeps the kids happy during the summer. But the key feature of this backyard entertainment hub is an undercover built-in gazebo that connects to the opposed side of the pool. So when there’s eight kids around after school to splash around and play games in the pool, mum and dad can rest easy knowing that the mess will be limited to the perfect compact area and the kids can enjoy a bit of space without their pesky parents checking up on them.
The second entertaining area is one for the grown-ups. On the upper level, two sets of bi-fold doors open up from both the master bedroom and the upper lounge room to a large balcony that overlooks the local golf course. We can envisage mum and dad enjoying a bit of peace and quiet from the kids as they enjoy a glass of white wine as the sun sets over the golf course. The large master bedroom features a luxurious ensuite with the latest European tap wear, toilets and basins, and frameless glass shower screens, and an extravagantly sized walk in robe.

Also on the upper level, are two bedrooms for the kids, a comfortable lounge room, and what we think is one of the main selling points of this amazing home. Encased in a glass box is a lift that is not only incredibly convenient for the residents, but is beautiful enough to provide a feature on each level of the home. Leading up from the undercroft entrance of the home, through the ground floor and up to the upper level, the lift was installed upon request of the residents to provide ease and accessibility.

The ground floor features a guest bedroom, and open plan kitchen, living and dining and a home theatre. The kitchen is a modern design including trendy waterfall edges, all stone bench tops and custom made cabinetry. The dining area features a built in fireplace that will keep the entire space warm throughout the colder months and provide a feature even when it is not in use.

And the front exterior is no less impressive than this homes stunning interior. Custom made aluminium cladding on the surface of the front elevation provides a striking contrast between the cedar lined exterior ceilings on the ground and upper floor. These two elements, and additionally, stainless steel glass balustrades that lead up to the entrance combine to create the perfect mix of materials to draw the eye in.

This home utilises every inch of its 12.9m block to its full advantage. Jam-packed with luxurious features, perfect for entertaining and ideal for everyday convenience. This home was featured on the cover of the West Australian Homes Design and Living Magazine for its striking front elevation and overall innovation.

For more information on The Metro or how to build your dream home with Domination Homes, contact us now.

Dreams To Reality

Dreams To RealityOne of the most important things about building a home is making it as uniquely you as possible.

A dream home should encapsulate a person’s entire lifestyle and personality.

Our design team works closely with our clients to create a vision, exactly to the specifications of each individual client. This will eventually form the final masterpiece that is the home.

The concept is simple, turning dreams into reality.

The team works with narrow lots, tight blocks and amazing views to create the ultimate single or double storey homes suitable to each individual client’s lifestyle.

Head of Design at Domination Homes Steve Pritchard works tirelessly to understand the client’s needs and desires.


Initial Meeting

At the first meeting with the team at Domination Homes, a client will talk about all of their wildest hopes and desires.

Prior to this initial meeting, Steve has already been on site and looked at all the different elements that could affect the overall design of the home. Steve and his design team like to get a feel for the client, what type of person they are, what lifestyle they live, what they want for their lives and whether they are indoor or outdoor people.

In this meeting, Steve will walk the client through a rough design and assess how he can take these ideas and create something extraordinary.

In his experience, Steve says once a client presents a block and you’ve been speaking to them for about 10 minutes, the vision of the house begins to come together itself.

The client, Steve says, usually walks away with some ideas to think about and assess.


The Follow-Up

The second meeting involves more visualisation of the property.

The client comes back with ideas and edits, but not before they see an amazing 3D walkthrough of the property and go over it on screen.

This step is integral in showing the homeowner the visual representation of their dream home for the first time.

According to Steve, his team gets it right 90% of the time.

From that point, the house begins to take shape and the other team can come in and quote the property and present the client with a final price.

Another noteworthy aspect of Steve’s design team is that they work best when they are in the trenches!

Most of the design work is done on site, not behind the scenes in a boardroom, meaning the team can see what type of design would work well.


The Scullery a Major Trend

Over the past couple of years, the scullery has become a major trend in new builds.

Particularly when there is a focus on entertaining, the scullery – or butler’s kitchen – is a fantastic addition to the home.

The second smaller kitchen contains the mess so that the main kitchen is purely for entertaining.

This was an element that Domination Homes added into their Port Coogee display home that has been wildly popular since that point.

(To be placed on a bold background)


The Process

The Design Phase: This is usually an 8-week process that involves a few meetings with the team

The Pricing Phase: The quote takes about one to two weeks to get to the client and includes a detailed document outlining the price and clear visuals on what is included in their home.

The Decision Process: A client can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months to make a final decision.

The Start of Work Phase: This is where the company collects the deposit, does a full working drawing, all of the engineering work, pre-start selections and gaining planning approval from the shire. By the end of this process, a building contract is signed. Domination Homes are unlike other builders in that we don’t force our client to sign a building contract upfront prior to doing a full pre-start and full working drawing. Domination Homes takes pride in being transparent in all their costing so that our client has a full understanding on what the final price is before signing a building contract. This can all take from 4 to 6 months.

The Building Process: This can take anywhere from 12 to 15 months to actually complete the build and have the keys in the clients’ hands. During this time, the homes are inspected several times by the Managing Director, Domenic Minniti to ensure the quality is maintained.

This is a two-year relationship that people are entering into. Don’t you want to find the right people to spend that time working with?

Contact us today at Domination Homes.

How to choose a block of land

How to choose a block of land

What is so interesting about Australians is our affinity with owning the perfect block of land to build our dream home.
There are a number of factors to be considered when you are looking to build your dream home. Perhaps you are looking to demolish and build, or perhaps you want to renovate your existing home? The options are endless.
However, more often than not, when you are looking at building a custom home, you want the perfect block of land to suit your needs. Whilst the team at Domination Homes works with blocks of any shape or size, including narrow lot homes, it is important to consider a number of key factors before you sign that dotted line.
1) What site works are necessary?
You’ve found it – the perfect block, with a fantastic view and the perfect size.
However, one thing you will need to consider, and factor in to your price, is the amount of works that need to occur on the site before it is ready to build on.
You must consider things such things as soil conditions/ trees and any site clearing that needs to occur.
Trees on the verge, as these are not allowed to be removed and might affect the design of your home.
Questions you should be asking is, does the block slope and what impact will this have on the home?
Another question you should ask, is will there be retaining required and what impact will this have on the home and boundary fencing & and your neighbours?
The orientation of the home will always have a bearing on how you can build your home.
This is an important question to ask in terms of the type of home you can build, the materials you can use and how long the home will take to build.
How to choose a block of land
2) What are the zoning requirements of this block?
Every council in Western Australia is different and they all have their own legislation and requirements you need to meet before you start to build.
Asking some simple zoning questions of your local council can save a lot of money in the long-term.
It is important to check if the property has any easement, as this will affect the design and any setback requirements on the home.
It is also imperative to ask about the Bushfire Attack Level on the block, as this will majorly influence the material selection and design of the home.
3) Are there any required boundary setbacks?
When most people are looking for a block, they will try and find one that ties in with the size of the home they are looking to build, and the backyard.
Another question to consider is the required boundary setbacks, which also need to be taken into account.
4) Will there be any restrictions on how we can build?
Within each council, there are different limits on how you can build.
Depending on the council, there are rules about the style of the house, the colours and materials you use, where you can sit the plot on your house, and what kind of fence you can have.
And this is just the tip of the ice-berg; your council can surprise you later with a list of requirements at any point
Call the council for any specific requirements before you buy the block of land, so as to ensure that you are not planning a home that cannot be built in your area.
For more information on the right kind of blocks to buy for your desired home build, talk to the team at Domination Homes.
Our design consultants understand the way different homes are suited to certain blocks and will perform a site visit to make the entire building process easier and smoother.
Contact the team at Domination Homes today.

Good trades key to win in the market

Good trades key to win in the market

Building a network of dedicated tradies, understanding consumer needs and being fiscally responsible have been the key factors in the ongoing success of Domination Homes.

According to Sales and Marketing Manager Marco DeCarolis, the stability in the company comes from its strong Italian roots.

Marco’s father-in-law, Salvatore Minniti, established Minniti & Son in 1980 and has instilled a number of key values in his son, Domenic, and his sons-in-law, Marco and Mark.

“My father-in-law told us it was important to pay our trades and suppliers on time,” he said.

This, he thinks, is the key to loyalty and ensuring you always have the best of the best on your team.

Marco also says the longevity of his staff has led to the success of the business. His head designer Steve Pritchard, has been with the company for more than 10 years.

Good trades key to win in the market

A perfect match for clients

Marco says the team at Domination Homes has perfected the art of connecting with like-minded clients.

The people that work with Domination Homes, have service and quality as an absolute priority.

“There are three things you are looking at when you go out into the market place; price, quality and service,” Marco said.

“In all my years, I have not found a building company that has done all three.”

Marco said his clients look for service and quality as the benchmarks of what they need in their builder.

“When I speak to my clients I offer very high service, very good quality, at a very reasonable price, and that’s what my clients want,” Marco said.

“Rushing is not what you want when it comes to building the home of your dreams.”

Another high priority for the team at Domination Homes is that there is constant communication with the tradespeople and the supervisors.

“If a wall is out by 2mm and even the client wouldn’t notice, it has to be done again,” he said. “There is no room for error.”

Team work makes the dream work

Marco understands that in his role as the head of sales, that people will build homes with people they like.

And when building with Domination Homes, there are a number of key players that you deal with, and they work with you constantly.

The number of people touching a project is kept to a minimum so that the client has the smoothest experience possible.

“It just makes the building process that much easier,” he said.

Marco said he works with a team of loyal people who understand the Domination Homes ethos.

“We have Domination blood through us,” he said.

Company looks at financial responsibility

“We as a company are constantly reviewing our overheads and looking forward at the next 12 months so that we can make sure that everything is in order,” he said.

Marco also says the management team at Domination Homes focuses on ensuring that staffing levels are appropriate so the standard of work is not compromised.

According to Marco, this is an important ethos that all members of the management staff share in order to achieve the best result for the client.

For more information on Domination Homes, or to talk directly with Marco, get in contact with us today.

A new look for Domination Homes

A new look for Domination Homes

When it comes to building homes, we evolve and stay fluid with the times. The same is to be said of our evolving brand.

In late 2016, we started a process of looking at where we have come as a company, and where we are going. It was decided that moving forward as a company, we needed something more dynamic and modern to reflect the new style of homes we have been creating.

Our management team had a series of meetings with our key strategic branding partner to look at our direction as a company.

Over a number of months, we went back and forth on different designs, different formats and different concepts.

Initially, we wanted to slowly transition to a new brand, however, the more we went through the process, the more we began to realise that at Domination Homes, if we do something, we do it all the way.

The symbolic nature of our logo reflects a key to signify that working with Domination Homes is the key to your dream home.  The D and the H of Domination Homes intersect to form this symbol.

A new look for Domination Homes

Our company has also moved towards black and white, moving away from the blues and yellows. This new colour palette is more reflective of our brand moving forward.

It was important for the team to go through a process to select a new logo and brand to really define who we are and what we want to achieve as a company. This was a valuable process and helped the team more clearly define our ethos.

Our new company branding has been rolled out across all of our physical applications, across all of our building sites and display homes. This has been an exciting process for all involved to see the new company ethos put in application.

Our company motto, “Built on Tradition, Designed on Innovation” is a true reflection of our humble roots, and the solidity of our company moving forward. The management team at Domination Homes has been in the building industry for more than 40 years, with a solid foundation of experience in the Perth building space.

The innovative part of our business is reflective in the idea that we are always pushing our company and our designs forward for the benefit of our clients.

The re-branding process has culminated in a new website, which has been designed with a true focus on our amazing homes. This website will be regularly updated with new homes the team is working on and more posts regarding what is happening within the company.

As part of building this website, the team at Domination Homes has spent time recording videos to reflect our designs and the work we have carried out.

We visited a home in Mandurah, one of our stunning Karrinyup homes and a very special home in Dianella. This experience was truly a reflective process, and we hope to share more of the work we have done over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

As a company, we’re excited to start this new journey and we are looking forward to sharing more of this experience with our existing and new clients.

Meet Steve
Meet Steve

We might be biased, but we think we’ve got one of the greatest design teams Australia. Steve Pritchard has been a valued member of Domination homes since the day he started, 11 years ago. He’s our incredibly talented Design and Drafting Manager and our go-to-guy if we’ve ever got a design or construction puzzle to solve.

Variety – most people would list it as a necessity in life. It’s also what Steve states is the biggest highlight of working as part of the Domination Homes team. For example, in the last month or so, he’s designed houses, units, a dance studio, a 28-unit, 3-storey unit development and he’s currently working on a subdivision plan for a 15-townhouse site! Steve explains that “the thing that keeps me interested is the sheer variety of work.” And he’s not wrong there. We pride ourselves at Domination Homes on creating homes and sites to the highest standard whatever shape and size that may take.

And it’s not always a walk in the park! Steve notes that one of the other highlights of the job is a challenging design. Smaller blocks limit a designer to a handful of options, which Steve says, can make the process quite simple. However, the larger blocks of land allow much more room to play around and get creative with the design. Depending on the block, there might be environmental limitations which adds another layer to the challenge.

How does Steve find inspiration for the design process? Our wonderful clients, of course! In the initial meetings with the client, Steve will get an understanding about the lifestyle that they are looking for, and about the piece of land, the key features and limitations of it. Steve relays Domination Homes’ mission statement “your home, your way” to explain that everything that is gathered along the way from the client, is used to create the perfect, personalised home that is unique to them and the lifestyle that they lead.

We asked Steve what design trends he’s noticed come into vogue lately, and he explained that a lot of design trends are dependent on one’s life stage. For example, a trend is occurring that the master bedroom is built on the first floor, and a guest bedroom is built on the ground floor. This allows for when the owners get a bit older and don’t want to walk up and down a flight of stairs every day. They can then transform the guest bed on the ground floor into the master for their convenience.

Another design trend gaining popularity is the scullery. A hidden, walk-in kitchen allows you to keep the main kitchen clean if you have guests, and allows for extra storage. Steve noticed the trend from a client of his, that expressed a desire for a scullery for their housekeeper. Steve predicted that this could become a popular trend in the Australian market for families that enjoy entertaining and need a little bit of extra space.

So, what’s a day in the life for Steve?

“I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day. I can be out on site sorting out clients or construction, doing site inspections to identify potential design or construction issues, sorting prestart or scheduling issues. I’ll often get called into client meetings to advise on design or construction issues.”

And while every team member at Domination Homes days look a little bit different, we’re always working together to create the perfect bigger picture. We can’t thank our mate Steve enough for the brilliant work he’s produced over the last decade, and we look forward to the brilliant work he’s sure to produce in the future.

The Platinum

The Platinum

When we build our homes at Domination Homes, we build around a lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and cosy place to spend your retirement, or a home to fit 10 people, we’ll work with you to ensure your dreams are realised and your home ultimately best reflects your tastes and styles.

When it came to designing and building The Platinum, we worked very closely with our client to create the ultimate Perth getaway home, right on the Mandurah canals where one could enjoy all the pleasures of life and the stunning location.

The Platinum was built with the intention of being a holiday home, and as such, needed to feature all the luxuries and comforts that a family would want on a getaway. It features 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms to cater for each family member, plus the occasional ruckus when the family entertains in their large dining/living area. This area opens onto an outdoor kitchen/alfresco and over looks the canals.

It was crucial that we work to make Mandurah canals the star of the show, so we created a design that highlights the view as much as possible throughout the home. Everything we built complemented that view.

The outdoor kitchen features a custom-built pizza oven and a commercial barbecue that is the ideal area for entertaining on a summer’s evening. This area features a pool with a spa to cool off on those hot summer days. There is no doubt that most days and nights would be spent in this area of the home, where one could soak in all the joys of life.

When working with a large block of land, it’s important to know what the key features of the home will be in the early stages of design. This will ensure the end product is perfect. Our aim is for you to be excited as you walk into your home every day, and by agreeing on key features in the early stages, we can ensure that the overall design of the home works cohesively and in conjunction to those features so that you are able to get the most out of them.

At Domination Homes, we pride ourselves on the finer details. Waterfall edges on the kitchen bench tops create a sense of opulence inthe home. In addition, we offer the finest custom-made cabinetry work. Throughout the years we’ve created strong relationships with a team of contractors that we trust and work with every time. You can rest easy knowing that our contractors are of the highest quality and will work just as hard as us to create the best product for you.

High door frames also create a sense of opulence as you enter the room. Featured at the front door and throughout the interior, these evoke a feeling of openness and grandness. In the same vain, all bathrooms feature custom made stone benchtops and the latest European tapware, basins and toilets. We believe that any feature of a home that is a touch/feel experience, is a personal choice and no one knows better than you, what is best suited for your home.

The Platinum is the epitome of holiday luxury. It utilizes its surroundings to enhance all of itself and is the perfect home to invite the family and friends to over a long weekend. For any more information on this home or on how to work with us in creating your dream home, contact us now on 9262 7400.

Meet Marco

Meet Marco

At Domination Homes, we value customer service and believe strongly in providing the best experience for our clients. As our Sales and Marketing Manager, Marco De Carolis is the face and voice behind this part of the business.

Marco has been with Domination Homes for 17 years, where he came into the business as a family member, and one who could go the extra mile and contribute an extraordinary amount to the way we operate. His role is incredibly varied, including things such as administrative work, looking after the sales staff, being a point of contact for clients throughout the initial part of the building process, and as a representative in the building industry.

An important part of Marco’s role at Domination is the way he builds relationships with people in the industry, seeking out potential client leads and constantly keeping apprised of trends and news. Marco makes countless phone calls each day, building relationships with people from all walks of life, and establishing trust and a rapport with people that could eventually become clients. This is a crucial part of the business, as establishing leads for potential customers allows us to show off what we do best – building Perth’s best luxury homes – by having the opportunity to do so for as many people as we can. Marco’s preferred day to contact people is on a Saturday – as he believes that working professionals are still switched on, but not worn out after a hard day’s work. This attention to detail and genuine care for the people he works with shows the level of dedication Marco has for establishing positive relationships with people.

Marco’s motivations for doing what he does is about as varied as the roles he undertakes. Not only is he driven by establishing good relationships with people across the industry, he is also highly motivated by his role as a people person – speaking to plenty of people and getting the ball rolling on many different projects is what drives him. Also a big factor behind Marco’s personal drive is the team he looks after within the company. Consisting of two pre-start consultants, a designer and an estimator, different aspects of the building process are able to be addressed quickly and easily, as are any questions that arise from clients along the way. If something needs to be added, the designer can get on top of that; if something needs to be priced, the estimator can look after it. This well-oiled machine helps to facilitate the high standard of customer service that we strive to achieve as a company and indeed as people. This has built the strong reputation which we enjoy today, and of course aids in maintaining that image moving into the future.

As a bonus, Marco has also revealed something about his work at Domination Homes that perhaps not many people know: his affinity for getting around on the forklift and in the truck. Driving heavy machinery, looking after his team and building a strong connection with people all over Perth – truly a man of many talents.

Marco’s role (or indeed roles) within Domination Homes is something that we have been very appreciative of over the years, and has contributed immensely to the powerful reputation that we have established. This is a testament to his ability to create and maintain countless contacts and relationships all at once, manage a team effectively, and administrate the smooth operation of sales and marketing. He fills a role that is essential for the business, and we look forward to working with him for many, many years to come.

The Residence

The Residence

At Domination Homes, we aim to constantly challenge ourselves to improve on our work time and time again. This is embodied in our new display home – The Residence. To be built on Glenelg Street in Applecross, this modern, supremely luxurious home features all the inclusions typical in a Domination Homes masterpiece, but has all been taken one step further.

In order to appeal to both the man and the woman who are likely to fall in love with this home, we have been sure to include focal points that cater to both. In true Sex and the City style, a more-than-generous walk in robe is featured in the master bedroom, the entirety of which feels far more like a 5-star hotel suite than a family home. This is complemented by the amazing ensuite, with a free-standing bath, double basins and a massive shower, all of which ooze opulence. As for any gentlemen walking through The Residence, the cellar is sure to be a talking point. We have invested in order to integrate this feature seamlessly into the design, in order to offer something that very few other homebuilders would even attempt. The sheer elegance of the cellar adds to the house perfectly fits within the style throughout the home, and further promotes the professional, yet family-oriented design.

A feature of The Residence that could easily appeal to both men and women who see this amazing home is the expansive outdoor area. Featuring an integrated pool and fantastic timber decking, this is a part of the house that just about everyone could imagine living in and entertaining in. The flow from the house to the outdoor area and indeed to the pool provides even more focal points that testify to the sheer elegance of this design, whilst being totally uncompromising on functionality. Including all of these focal points is something that we are proud to offer, because we know that you would be proud to show these off to your friends as you take them through your amazing new home.

The Residence truly stands out with its use of materials, from flooring to benchtops, even to smaller fixtures. Timber flooring features throughout the ground floor, and is also utilised for the cabinets, while exquisite stone benchtops are integrated with the sweeping design of the kitchen ceiling. All of this is punctuated with warm colours, ensuring an inviting and comforting feel throughout the home. A very luxurious feature of this home that has to be seen to be believed is the inclusion of European tapware. This is a prime example of the class and opulence that we have sought to include in this home, whilst also bringing in the latest in Australian and European design and style. The roofline that frames this amazing home is also a stunning feature, where the sleek, slimline profile accentuates the modern feeling of the property. This ensures a lasting and positive first impression of the design, one which is only improved upon as you step into the home.

The Residence is a home that we are truly proud of, and believe that it serves as a physical rendition of the direction we are headed in as a luxury homebuilder – a trajectory of improvement. We have strived to include something for everyone in this house, whilst maintaining a consistently warm feel, one which strikes the perfect balance between family and professional ambience. The cutting-edge design, up-to-date material and stunning inclusions truly set this home apart from others in Applecross and indeed Perth as a whole, something which we aim to emulate as a company.

The Parkview

The Parkview

Every home at Domination Homes, begins with an idea.

For one of our upcoming display homes, The Parkview, the idea was to create an architecturally stunning home, with a focus on family. It features some of the most stunning design and functionality aspects in our repertoire, and upon completion will prove to be an amazing testament to the expertise of our company and what we can achieve. So without further ado, here’s a rundown of a few of the breathtaking features of The Parkview.

This narrow-lot design uses a cube-inspired elevation, flanked by natural timber slats flowing from the top floor to the ground floor, and two structural timber-clad posts. These architecturally and structurally magnificent fixtures present in the elevation creating a stunning visual presence, reinforced with the side entry. Such an entry provides greater natural light in the summer months, and superior rain protection in the winter months, whilst maintaining the glass and timber theme that extends throughout the property. As you pass through the side entry, a grand entrance greets you, overlooking a small courtyard and architectural sculpture. This captivating entry into The Parkview provides an insight into the palatial grandeur of the rest of the home.

Family and lifestyle are the focus of The Parkview, embodied by the large living areas and kitchen, featuring a scullery. The big garage and generous storage area offers even more practicality, with room for whatever you need to store. This is further enforced by the large games room, directly adjacent to the alfresco and pool, facilitating entertainment for the whole family. Designing the outdoor space around the purpose for which it is built helps to maintain the family-focused theme of the house, offering value for those who love the convenience of having the entertaining areas close to each other. Beers on the alfresco, friends in the pool, kids in the games room: a clear winner for entertainment and quality time with the whole family.

Maintaining the glass and timber theme of the home, the straight staircase in the home connecting the floors features a frameless glass design with no handrail, adding a modern feel to the structure. The staircase is punctuated with a cabinet underneath for displaying crystals, trophies, glassware, you name it! The design of this structure is consistent with the rest of the home, mirroring the glass on the balcony and structural timber posts at the front of the home. Maintaining the aesthetic themes of the home really complete the design, and round off what is an incredible architectural achievement.

Up to the second storey now, where one finds all of the bedrooms. The master suite could be likened to that of a 5-star hotel, featuring a very generous walk in robe. The ensuite in the master bedroom is also something to behold, where you’ll find a double basin, a large shower and full-height tiling. As an extra feature, a laundry chute is included in the cabinet space, expediting the laundry process – just another way to spend less time doing chores and more time enjoying this wonderful home. Sharing the top floor with the master bedroom is a large second bedroom with its own ensuite. Bedrooms 3 and 4 share a bathroom, thus The Parkview has the space and the facilities for the whole family.

With the timeline planning to have the home finished by late July/August, The Parkview will be fully finished and furnished in all its glory before too long, and will stand tall as a firm representation of the expertise of Domination Homes. A family-centred home with all the modern architectural features that really exemplify what can be achieved within a practical and well-planned setting.

The Ultimate Staircase

The Ultimate Staircase

Building the perfect two-storey home requires quality engineering, top-class construction capacity and, of course, a beautiful staircase. Paying special attention to the design of the staircase and making it an architectural feature of a home makes the house much nicer to be in and improves resale value. At Domination Homes, we pride ourselves on including breathtaking staircases in our homes that strengthens the image of the home, and balances style with practicality.

Once upon a time, staircases were predominantly a means to an end, a functional feature in the home which simply got people from the ground floor to the first. However, as time has gone by and construction, fashion and architecture has developed, staircases have evolved into a focal point of the home, where grand entrances and amazing architecture take precedence. This has meant the once-humble stairs have become both practical and visually appealing, and are a much more important part of the home with regards to resale value and liveability.

One important aspect of creating the ultimate staircase is to ensure that it fits in aesthetically with the style of the rest of the home. As a large feature of the home, it makes a huge difference to the overall look of the house how the stairs are presented. If, for example, the house carries an edgy, modern look, it makes sense to install a set of stairs that also takes on that theme such as dark grey carpet contrasted with white railings. More classic homes benefit from staircases with features such as wooden railings and neutral coloured stairs.

Materials are also important to consider in putting in a great staircase. Depending on your own taste, the choice between concrete, slate, carpet or other flooring materials is important in catering well to your lifestyle and providing a visually stunning focal point of your home. Matching the construction and finishing material with the aesthetic theme of your home maintains a semblance of consistency and adds to the visual appeal a staircase can bring. Well thought out combinations of materials add a personal touch, and brings about the uniqueness that makes a house a home.

Concrete stairs hold the benefit of being very durable, as they require no special maintenance to keep them looking fresh. What’s more, concrete stairs can be cast in just about any shape, making it an incredibly versatile material to use. Also, just about any type of flooring can be put over the top of the concrete, whether your preference is towards tile, carpet or otherwise. This versatility has proven very attractive with regards to the use of concrete stairs, making it a staple in many two-storey homes.

As for timber staircases, benefits include weight reduction vs. concrete stairs, while also having a unique visual element that cannot quite be matched by its concrete counterpart. The individuality of the grain in the timber simply cannot be replicated by concrete, hence making it a popular choice for interior staircases. Also, a variety of different types of wood can be utilised for a staircase, including pine, karri, spotted gum, jarrah and oak. Once again, the choice of wood is down to personal preference and the existing style of the home, where creating a visual harmony is achievable with the right timber choice.

The staircase, then, is not only a necessity for a two-storey home, it’s also an important part of the architecture of the house in which it exists. The choice of style and material is crucial for getting the right result, and the reward for doing so is a beautiful staircase in a stunning home.

The Franklin

The Franklin
Stylish, modern, chic –The Franklin is a mark of sophistication for an affordable price.
According to Sales Director Marco DeCarolis, the home was borne of the idea that beautiful, inspiring homes can still be affordable.
The elevation is modern contemporary, with soft colours and features, with beautiful glass balustrading and front double entry doors that give the home an air of sophistication unseen in many modern homes.
And it’s not just the façade that is stunningly elegant –the beauty extends well beyond the front door.
The interior architecture is the epitome of minimalism, starting with the long lines of the stainless steel balustrading of the staircase, to the quality stone kitchen bench tops.
One of the most appealing features of the home is the long, striking entrance hallway, not to mention the stunning study, designer kitchen and luxurious master suite.
The upper level consists of three large bedrooms, a perfectly-finished bathroom and a large sitting room, with large, glass windows.
Marco says this home design is perfect for blocks with a view.
The airy, open-plan living space leads out towards a stylish outdoor living area –a true entertainer’s dream.
On one side of the outdoor area is a pool with stunning water features, whilst on the other side of the outdoor area is the reflection pond.
Similarly, the master bedroom looks out over the pond area and includes an enormous walk-in robe that is light and airy, which Marco says is easily the most popular feature for people looking to design and build their own.
Marco says the best part of having this open home available is that people are able to visit and choose elements that they would love to see in their own home.
“A lot of our homes people pick certain parts of our homes and then build around that,”Marco says.
“People don’t build our homes they build elements of our homes, that’s what’s actually very good for our company.”
Domination Homes ensures an “affordable quality build”, where depending on your budget, quality doesn’t drop but size and dimension are easily adjusted to save money.
On a narrow block, Marco says, the frontage can be reduced to fit the home on the lot.
Similarly, on a larger block, the home can be increased in size.
The Franklin has been on display now for two and a half years and has seen approximately 2000 viewers walk through it. Marco says this is one of the more affordable of their display homes, offering great value for money whilst not compromising on its quality. While their recently sold home in Port Coogee is a much more opulent build, new display homes to replace this build are opening soon in Applecross &Yokine.
Available for you to visit and pick elements of the design that you would love for your own unique home, the Franklin is open on Wednesdays from 2pm to 5pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 5pm.

Dom’s message

Dom's messageA message from Domenic Minniti

It’s been a great 2016 at Domination Homes, and we are just as excited for 2017.

The building industry in 2017 is set to see some tough times ahead, especially now with the recent news of the Builton Group collapsing it is more important than ever for prospective clients to pick your builder carefully, it is hugely important that you’re dealing with a builder who has been around for a long time. We have been around since 1981. Our company has financial stability as well as land and building assets so you can be assured that we can see your property build all the way through to completion.

Domination Homes in 2017 are going to be working on a number of large and important developments as well as many client homes.We are working on our beautiful new Applecross display home, together with another two-storey home being built behind it. The display home is a stunning, elaborate two-storey home, with finishes to the highest quality, a sensational master bedroom with huge dressing room and ensuite.

The design has incorporated a scullery again as we did with the Port Coogee display. The scullery has been hugely popular with our clients and Domination Homes were the first builder in the Port Coogee area to have a scullery in their display home. As a trend-setter in the building industry we have noticed a lot of builders have followed us with this design. What we have done for the new display is revamp the scullery and have incorporated it into the new design as well as an exciting winestore incorporated in the design. Very exciting!

This year, we will have a very large presence in the Morley area, including 3 individually designed duplexes (6 individual units) on Halvorson road, as well as a large 28 apartment development on Vera Street with the majority of the units having city views, and finally another townhouse development on Vera Street for a client. We have 7 apartments on Haddrill Street in Bayswater, close to the soon-to-be upgraded train station in Bayswater, which will have the Airport Link running through. This will transform Bayswater into a popular boutique type area much like Leederville and Subiaco.

Another exciting project we are working on in 2017 is our new company image. A lot of our homes are starting to go towards a more contemporary look which is timeless, which has inspired us. With the calibre of home we are delivering, Domination Homes has come a long way with its quality control, with designs, so in line with this we will launch a new logo as part of our re-brand.

In terms of the trends that we are seeing in homes this year, clients are now catering for smaller compact lots with smaller frontage homes, more narrow lot homes which we have plans and specifications for. Due to smaller block sizes, people are looking to minimize overall space while trying to make better use of the space that they have to work with. With smaller spaces we are seeing cleaner lines, light colours, no clutter. Everything has a purpose and place in these new homes. Industrial colours are still being used such as greys. Retro has been in, and is still in, however it looks like it is at the end of its popularity. The new look is moving back to very clean white surfaces, lots of open spaces and trying to maximize visual space.

There is a lot on the horizon for the company this year, and we are looking forward to sharing our triumphs with you.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces
A beautiful Australian climate means that we’re lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of the year outside comfortably. There’s nothing better that enjoying a chilled glass of white on your deck on a balmy summer’s night. So when it comes to designing your new home, put your mind towards how to use the space you have, how to optimise these spacesand take into consideration outdoor spaces. Whether you’re on a large piece of land or working with a narrow block, with the right Perth home builders, you can optimise your outdoor living area to create beautiful spaces on any block. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about how to create the best outdoor space for your new home.

Create Flow Between Indoor and Outdoor

In 2017, a trend to watch is a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living. In a climate where being outside is preferable most months of the year, it makes sense to optimise your space by incorporating your outdoor area to your indoor living. With doors that can open up completely, you can effectively create an additional living space during the summer months. Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity and if you have the space, this can be great for entertaining in the warmer months. However, in a narrow lot building, where you’re limited for space, doors and windows that open up completely to a small courtyard or pool can mean that you’re not compromising on space inside but doubling your space outside when the weather permits.

Open Plan Living

We’ve all heard this phrase being throw around when it comes to Perth homes, but what exactly does this mean? Open plan living is definitely rising in popularity as it optimises space and creates a flow throughout areas in your home. Combining kitchen, dining and living rooms creates more open spaces and will effectively connect your spacious indoor living area to your outdoor living. Dining space is always a safe bet to open up from and this will make it particularly easy when entertaining as you’ll have twice the amount of space once those doors are wide open.

All the Bells and Whistles

Spending time outside is undoubtedly part of the Australian lifestyle. These days there’s a push to move as much as possible outdoors. Think about an outdoor projector screen to watch footy games on, or a pizza oven with a kitchenette for entertaining in the summer. Obviously, pool areas are ideal in Australia and even if you are on a narrow lot building, there’s a pool for any sized area.

So when it comes to building your new home, Domination Homes can help you get the most out of any sized block. With summers like these, it would be a crime to waste your outdoor space! We can help you design the perfect flow from inside to outside so that you’ll optimise your space every month of the year and create beautiful spaces that you’ll never want to leave. Contact us on 9262 7400 for enquiries.

A Lesson in Sophistication: The Oceanview

The OceanviewThere is always a reason behind everything we do at Domination Homes.
In the creation of our beachside display home, we wanted sophistication and elegance at the foreground, with a real focus on the view.
From this, the Oceanview display home was born.
This Port Coogee home is ultra-modern and stylish, making it the perfect home for the Australian beachside lifestyle.
The open-plan living areas make the home feel airy and open, perfect for the beach-side lifestyle.
With an outdoor area that exudes elegance, the home is designed with tranquillity in mind.
The main living areas openup to the outdoor area through bi folds, where guests are treated to a peaceful reflective pool.
Given that the home is a stone’s throw from the beach, the design uses natural lighting to create an air of beachside sophistication.
This home has a number of key features, which elevate it beyond the standard family home.
In the master bedroom, a statement bath stands out and creates a luxurious atmosphere.
This element sets the master bedroom apart, but this could also serve as an art piece or a central talking point, as opposed to “just a bathtub”.
The winning element of the home? The scullery.
Modern entertainers love to leave their kitchen as a showcase, so what better way to do that then build a scullery, or butler’s kitchen, in the back.
This leaves the kitchen as a meeting ground for canapes or drinks, without the unsightly mess that is usually created when a dinner party or family barbeque is on the agenda.
Backlighting is also a big trend in this home, highlighting all of the key elements that make this beachside home truly one-of-a-kind.

From the Ground Up
The team from Domination Homes worked on the Oceanview from the ground up.
Members of the design team went down to the site and looked at the different elements in play in the design of the home.
They looked at things such as the view, the layout of the block and how they could use the tight space to the best of their ability.
One key difference is the team at Domination don’t design in the boardroom, they design from site.
What was born from that experience was an open plan, double storey home, with amazing views of the stunning Port Coogee beach.
Over the time that it was used as a display home, the Oceanview was seen by about 5000 people.
Many of these people used the home to inspire the design of their own masterpieces, particularly the specialty elements like the scullery.
The scullery displayed in the Oceanview was actually an element that was carried across many of the homes built by Domination Homes in the years after the display home was opened.
The Oceanview display home is no longer available for viewing.

The Next Step
There are plans in process for a new Domination Homes display home located in Applecross, due to be completed within the next 6 months.
Whilst this two-storey home was particularly “Port Coogee” in its beachside appeal, the new display home in Applecross will feature more grand architectural design and will be more paleaceous.
At Domination Homes, we believe it’s important to “find the feel” of your area. Luxury can come in many different forms and a luxury home definitely needs to feel at home in its suburb.
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