Elevations that Inspire

The elevation, it’s a term that you’ll hear a lot during your design consult and throughout the home building process. While you may have encountered some people, who brush the elevation off as unimportant, here at Domination Homes we know that first impressions are everything. The street front appeal of your home has to be a standout and the right elevation will add a uniqueness to your home that reflects your style. So what styles are out there? We take a look at our designs to highlight some key styles.


Modern Classic and Ultra Modern style elevations are currently the most in-demand request. Gone are the days where everyone wants to have a Tuscan style elevation (although if that’s your dream, we can build it!). Nowadays, we look at striking angles, variations of materials and heights to make a home truly stand out.

The Residence

The Residence is our flagship display home located at 59 Glenelg St, Applecross, where our team was able to showcase the highest quality designs in our 40-year history. This home has instant street appeal, and this can be attributed not only to the facade and the landscaping but to the contemporary elevation. This design features elegant modern lines while using dark tiling to compliment the front of the home. This design lets the home speak for itself and is at the forefront of a modern home.

 The Residence

The Vogue
Situated in the leafy suburb of Dalkeith, a home of this size needed street front presence. This modern home featured a beautiful tonal façade that compliments its stunning elevation. This contemporary elevation featured clean and angular lines that made the real stand out of the home the impressive stonework. This handcrafted feature adds an extra level of depth to the home that makes the entryway a true representation of luxury and elegance.

 The Vogue

The Parkview

The Parkview is a truly captivating modern design that was built for being a functional family home, all while making the most of a narrow block that was just 10m wide and with a depth of 43m. This Ultra Modern elevation design makes the home completely unique to everything else on the street. The contrasting colours have been used to draw the eye to the different elements within the elevation, creating a cohesive and appealing modern home.

The Parkview

So there you have it, a look at some of our favourite elevations. The sky is really the limit when it comes to designing your dream home and creating an elevation that not only makes it stand out on the street but complies with local area building restrictions. To see more of our designs, click here and to speak with our team click here.

Top 10 Features People Want

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting undertaking and here at Domination Homes, we’ve had the experience to build some truly remarkable homes. Our homes, like the people who build them, are all unique. However, the one thing they all have in common is elements of luxury. We’ve compiled our top 10 features that our clients ask for when they build their dream home with us.


The Scullery

Old fashioned we hear you say? Think again. The scullery has been reimagined to a modern space that is essential for anyone who likes to entertain. The functionality of the scullery is to create a space that not only keeps your main kitchen mess free but increases prep space, stores your larger kitchen appliances (no messy front kitchen here!) and a place to tidy up. Common features you’ll find within our home designs include inbuilt fridges, bench space, additional ovens/induction cooktops and the ever-popular hydro taps, which allow for instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water.

The Scullery


Walk-in wardrobe

The master bedroom is the place where you start and finish your day, and a large walk-in wardrobe is essential for the luxury lifestyle your custom home allows you. Our designers are able to work with you to decide the perfect layout while also maximizing the space with ingenious shelving and lighting solutions.


Walk-in wardrobe


Open spine staircase with timber treads

A true show stopper and a fantastic way to add texture and a talking point to your home. Open spine staircases have a captivated way of appearing like they are floating and by adding timber treads, it gives a sense of added luxury.


Open spine staircase with timber treads


Connection to the Alfresco

The ultimate design for open plan living incorporates the indoors with the outdoors through a seamless connection to the alfresco. This can be achieved with large glass doors, or through timeless and modern glass bi-fold doors to add additional luxury.


Connection to the Alfresco



Pool and the alfresco

Two spaces that go hand in hand and reflect the lifestyle of our communities here in Perth. When we design these spaces, creating functional areas to entertain is essential. Think glass panelling with direct access to the pool and outdoor kitchens.

Pool and the alfresco


Guest bedroom downstairs

Often our custom designs include a guest bedroom, but many families still enjoy their privacy when entertaining overnight guests. This is when we find that incorporating a guest bedroom on the ground floor of the home in the other communal areas is a fantastic option to add privacy for everyone.




While it may seem indulgent at the time, adding a lift to your home ensures longevity. This is especially essential for people who have built their forever home as you want something that you can grow old in and not be woeful about the stairs.


Built in gas fireplace

All the looks and class of the traditional fireplace, minus the mess! A built-in gas fireplace can add another element of luxury to your home, not to mention a key focus point.


Customised security system

A current must for anyone investing in their property for the long term. A fully customised security and camera system allows you to keep an eye on your home while you are away, with most systems now offering options to link up to your smartphone!


Home theatre

A place to retreat, relax or entertain! Adding a dedicated home theatre room to your home design an investment worth making. Think projection screens, surround sound and soundproofing the room to ensure you don’t disturb others in the home. Not to mention the luxurious furniture you have the chance to incorporate once your home is complete.

Home theatre


While there are many other features you could consider, these top 10 are our most common request when designing and building our clients dream homes. To start your home journey, speak to our team today.


Narrow Lot Living

Narrow Lot Living

Our beautiful city of Perth is ever growing and expanding, and the size of residential blocks are becoming increasingly smaller to accommodate. Narrow lots are growing in popularity, inspiring a new perspective when designing a home which opens the door to fresh and creative ways to live in luxury.


Our designers and builders are learning new ways to fully utilise a narrow block to its full potential, and below we’ve highlighted all the positives to this new approach to building and why we love it.


1. Luxury Views

If you can’t build out, you can always build up. In fact, we recommend exploring the options of a multi-storey home when building on a narrow lot. Adding luxury with each level, this also allows your home to take advantage of the beautiful views Perth has to offer. Whether it be our vibrant city or Indian Ocean blues, a second (or third) level to your home allows you the chance to enjoy daily vistas that many can only dream of.

Narrow Lot Living

2. Location Desirability

Finding a block large enough to meet all of your dream home requirements in your ideal location can be tricky, especially when you have your sights set on an inner city or coastal location.


Opening your options to the possibility of a narrow lot can also open more opportunities to snap up land in these premium destinations. When you build with Domination Homes you can be assured that narrow lot living will not deter from the design and integrity of your custom home, so you can extend your land searches to locations you had previously thought impossible.


3. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Maintaining a large garden can be a tiring task that our busy lives don’t have time to manage. Plus, large outdoor areas can take away crucial space from your home design.


Instead, let Domination Homes design you a luxurious outdoor living space which seamlessly unites with your interior. These spaces are perfect for the home entertainer. And why not incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your design, adding a true touch of luxury.


Our latest display home, The Residence, demonstrates how you can seamlessly blend indoor with outdoor, while still making the most of your narrow lot or small lot. 

Narrow Lot Living

4. High Ceilings Mean Natural Lighting

Open plan living is something to strongly consider when building on a narrow lot. Open plan designs can really open up an area and give the illusion of space and flow within a home. Embrace all the natural light on offer and speak to your designer about incorporating high ceilings or two storey voids in your home.


Further to this, choose large glass windows running from floor to ceiling, and bi-folding French glass doors to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Take a look at how The Residence uses all of these design techniques to create open and natural lit spaces which are perfect all year around.


Don’t let narrow lot living compromise on the luxury of having a sheltered garage to keep your prized possessions safe. Speak to our designers about a custom home which incorporates a below-ground garage, achievable with our market leading building technologies.

Narrow Lot Living

Overall, the perks of building on a narrow lot can outweigh any qualms you may initially have. With our society constantly moving toward the idea of going out to enjoy our beautiful city, the need for a giant backyard isn’t a necessity anymore. Our specialised team of designers and builders are here to help you get the very most out of your land and bring your dream home to life in a location you may have never thought possible. Discover our full selection of custom built homes to be amazed at how diverse and beautiful your narrow lot build can be.

The Selection Process

The Selection Process

Deciding to build the home of your dreams is an exciting adventure and here at Domination Homes, we have made the selection process a personalised experience to be enjoyed. The selection process is truly a key part of finalising your home and seeing the design really come to life. Our stunning selection showroom is filled with plenty of high quality and luxury items that will make your home one of a kind.

Our clients first come into contact with the selection showroom once they have their first initial design meeting. This enables our team to really get a sense for who they are and what the home will need to reflect.

Once the home design has been finalised, the exciting part happens. We provide pricing, specifications are given, documentation prepared and the signing of the preparations plan agreement. This allows for a 3% investment that allows for working drawings to help begin the selection process.

The Selection Process

Here at Domination Homes, we offer an extremely competitive investment, with most builders currently requesting 6.5% at this stage and making clients sign a building contract up. This means that all selections and plan changes are carried out after, which can leave clients exposed and accepting of costs that the builder presents without the option of challenging this due to contracts being signed in advanced.

During this process, we are very transparent that your contract is signed after all of your selection and plan changes have been completed so you have a clear understanding of your full costing before signing a building contract.

From here our clients get a one on one meeting with our dedicated prestart consultants. Our highly skilled team will go through your plans in detail, including the externals, internals, bathrooms, kitchen and check all modifications. Going over these plans together allows for our prestart consultants to get a better understanding of the needs and requirements from a personal perspective and helps them find the best solutions for the client’s home.

The Selection Process

Our prestart consultant will guide you through the entire selection process including colour palettes, themes and styles that will uniquely suit each client and custom-built home. This process helps ensure the longevity of the homes and ensures that the finishes are something that the client will love for years to come.

The showroom is truly stocked with some incredible items including a wide variety of standout features. In particular, our clients are always impressed by our free-standing bath range, balustrading, stone bench tops and our unique variety of cabinetry selections.

While we have an incredible selection, we know that each home is as unique as the owners, which is why if you can’t find the perfect piece within our showroom, we will find the perfect piece. Our consultants are experts when it comes to sourcing a unique custom piece for your home and will always strive for the best option to suit your plans.

The Selection Process

The selection process is one of the most exciting parts of any custom home build and we pride ourselves on what our team offers. To see more of our showroom, click here and to find out more about building your dream home with Domination Homes, click here.

Common Building Hurdles and How We Overcome Them

Common Building Hurdles and How We Overcome Them

It’s an exciting step in any home building dream becoming a reality. You’ve got your 1000sqm block, and you’re ready to build your home. But what happens when the block you’ve purchased doesn’t equal a house of that size, and more importantly why?


We answer these questions with a look at how Domination Homes can help to overcome the common hurdles of building your luxury homes.


In any build of any style, the most common issues faced are always block size and slope. They are unavoidable factors which, if not addressed properly, can have an impact on the final outcome of your dream build.


At Domination Homes, one of the crucial first steps in your build is a contour survey of your block. Completed prior to any building on your site, it is run by a fully qualified surveyor and allows our team the full details of your block.


Levels, angles, encumbrances, easements and boundary alignments are all elements of potential design restrictions, so by acknowledging these early in the process, we can optimise all that which we have to work with.


Another dilemma which is highly unavoidable when building is that of neighbours and neighbouring properties. Existing fences, retaining walls, encroaching buildings or overshadowing courtyards all come into play and can affect the design process and the final size of your build.


Building with Domination Homes means that you’ll receive a personal block inspection by our Head Designer, Steve, with his 35 years plus of experience. His initial inspection will highlight any potential challenges and allows us to conceive simple and pleasing solutions early on, eliminating any future headaches, and allowing your home to reach the full potential of size.


Local authorities and land developers can also pose potential issues when it comes to your design and build. Ranging from Wanneroo to Mandurah alone, there are 30 Local Councils, each with differing policies and regulations. These can include streetscapes, building heights, boundary walls or set back distances, all of which will affect the size of your home.


Keeping up with these policies and changes can prove a struggle for some, but you can be assured that we have the best of the best keeping us regularly updated to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your planning approval and maximising the space your block presents.


As our population continues to grow, and houses continue to get built, rules and regulations will constantly be changing and updating, as will styles and trends. Building with Domination Homes allows you the best of both worlds; professionals who address potential setbacks before they exist, and creators who can build your dream home regardless of the hurdles that must be overcome.


Our selection of custom built homes speak for themselves in demonstrating the way, time after time, we deliver unique and incredible masterpiece builds while working around all the aforementioned obstacles.


Two blocks; the same size, in the same Council, in the same suburb, may not necessarily equal the same home twice. But we’re in the market to build unique masterpieces, so let us design your dream home perfectly unique to your dream block of land.


To have a glance at our range of custom built designs, click here, or to find out more about how we can bring your dream home to life on even the narrowest of blocks, read our blog ‘Living Large on a Narrow Lot’.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

Building your dream home is one of the greatest journeys life can bring you. However, before you undertake this adventure it is key that you ask your builder a certain set of questions prior to building. Below we have our top recommendations of what questions you should be asking and how Domination Homes address each.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

1. How long have you been in the business for?

Before there was Domination Homes, there was Minniti & Son, a building company founded by our patriarch, Salvatore Minniti after his arrival from Italy in 1961. Over the years, Salvatore trained up son Domenic who later went on to create what Domination Homes is today, alongside brothers-in-law Marco and Mark. This rich family tradition means that we bring over 40 years of experience and knowledge to the table. We’ve been building luxury homes since our competitors were just getting started, making us the standout choice for your luxury build.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

2. Do you sign a building contact up front or is this done after your prestart is completed?

At Domination Homes we like to think we offer a fairer approach to your building contract than our competitors. Throughout the prestart process, your design selections can vary dramatically, affecting the price of your completed home.

This is why we like to finalise all our Internal & External Designs, Cabinet Designs, Stone Top Selection, Paint Colours, Lighting, Saniware, Wall & Floor Tiles, Electrical and Timber Flooring to mention many. Simply ask yourself, why would you sign a building contract if none of the above has been completed? Domination Homes believes this is a much fairer way of allowing complete transparency between both parties, and ensuring you’re not confronted by any unexpected costs or budget overruns.

3. Do you have experienced supervisors with a trade background?

You can rest assured we guarantee your supervisor will be a highly experienced and trained worker, with a strong background and knowledge of construction. We carefully select each of our tradespeople for their experience, commitment and quality of work.

4. Can I speak directly with my supervisor and meet him on site?

Yes, you can. We understand that our clients appreciate open communication with site supervisors, as you like to be updated on how the build is progressing. After all, it’s your home we’re building, and we love allowing you the flexibility and ease of visiting your site with our supervisor and talking about the process. Plus, visiting the site during the building process is an exciting visit to make as it gives you a chance to see your dream home coming to life before your eyes.

5. Do you have an in-house Designer with over 30 years of experience?

Our Head Designer Steve has over 35 years of experience in the building industry. Not only is he highly skilled in bringing to life your dream home through his designs, he also personally inspects your block prior to designing to identify any potential challenges there may be to work with. His extensive experience allows him to identify challenges which other building companies may not, thus creating a seamless design and build process from the very start.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

6. Can I meet my Prestart consultant outside the office to help with colour and tile selection?

Yes, you absolutely can meet your consultant outside of the office. They are an asset to your building team and are able to help with colour choices, tile selection and other design queries you may have. We want you to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible, and we’re by your side through the whole process. At Domination Homes we are proud of the difference in service we can offer, and we know our customers appreciate it too.

7. Will I have one person allocated to me from start to finish that I can communicate with?

We agree that it is vitally important to have one person work with you from start to finish. They will have a complete and complex understanding of your build, your designs, and the ambitions and dreams you have for your final product. Communication throughout the building process is key, and we want you to feel as though the person looking after you, knows you and exactly what you want.

8. Do you have an in-house showroom to make selections easy?

Yes, we do. Our showroom features a wide range of products and styles to inspire you and bring to life the designs you may have in your head. Our in-house showroom makes the selection process very easy and efficient for all parties involved.

9. If I am not sure on the house design, can you supply me a 3D virtual tour of my home, and will you charge me?

Yes, we can. It is a common struggle people face when building that it becomes hard to look at a plain 2D version of a design and still remain inspired, or even be able to visualise a final outcome. We take pride in being able to offer you a 3D virtual tour of your home, so you can see your dreams literally coming to life in front of you before a brick has been laid. Once you have completed your design process with us, this technological experience is complimentary, courtesy of Domination Homes. We aim to offer all that we can to make your experience as inspiring and stress-free as possible.

The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

10. Do you charge for a design?

Absolutely not. At Domination Homes we believe that if you are serious about building with us, then we are serious about designing a home for you. The money we earn, we earn through our hard work bringing to life your home which meets your requirements and budget, and not simply through charging a design fee.

For further information on the process we follow to build your dream home, click here to read more.

Signs you are outgrowing your home

Signs you are outgrowing your home

The home is where the heart is, but what happens when you start to outgrow your current living space? At Domination Homes we understand that over the course of your life, your home requirements will change. Luckily, we have identified some of the key signs that it could be time to move out of your current home and embark on the path of building your dream home.



Is your home starting to look darker as time goes on? This could be because of a dated design which features fewer windows than a modern home (like the kind we can build you). So, if you are finding yourself constantly walking into dark spaces and your eyes have to adjust as you go from the bedroom to the hallway, it might be time to consider a change!



Are you challenged on space? It might be that you are finding your extra-large house now seems too big without all your children in it. Maybe your growing brood of children requires an extra bedroom and a theatre room to keep them entertained. Or maybe you just need extra space in the home so that everyone can peacefully have their own space to relax, think games rooms, a walk-in wardrobe fit for a queen and a private study!

Signs you are outgrowing your home


Possibly you live too far away from work and a commute that was once bearable, now seems like mission impossible every day. Maybe your picture-perfect neighbourhood now has apartment buildings popping up and you need a sea change. These are all signs it might be time to move on and find your next dream block.




You look for inspiration anywhere other than your home and you also take leisurely drives to suburbs you’d rather live in. On top of this, you currently search for new home inspiration across sites like Pinterest and Instagram to try and figure out exactly what you are looking for!


New home talk

Are you constantly talking about what it would be like to build your dream home? Then it’s time to move on!

Signs you are outgrowing your home

All the signs above mean that it could be time you come and speak to the team at Domination Homes. From your initial meeting with our expert team, you’ll realise that we are truly ahead of the game when it comes to building your dream luxury home.


The process of building your dream home is one we understand that you won’t take lightly, and we are here to deliver the best possible product to you at the end of the journey. To find out more about this process contact us today. Curious to find out from our clients direct? Click here.

Building your new home- Fears and Facts

With over 40 years’ experience in the custom home building industry, we still see people reluctant to create their dream home because of fears and misinformation surrounding the process. We have shared the 6 most common fears about building a custom home and how Domination Homes eliminates them.

Building your new home- Fears and Facts

Fear no. 1: Custom homes cost far more than pre-built homes.

Communication is key here and at Domination Homes we understand that every person has a different budget. This is why we take the time with each client to go through the whole building process from design to contracts and support so that nothing is left to the unknown. Choose your maximum budget for the build and we will work with you to ensure you stay inside your range for your luxury home.


Fear no. 2: It takes too long to build a home.

Building a home does take time but from the minute we welcome you on board, we make sure that you know exactly what timeframe is needed for the build from the plot selection to the key handover. This way you can plan in advance and stay up to date with the process every step of the way. Additionally, we are always up front with the project management of your home. So if there is a delay, we will be the first to let you know.


Fear no. 3: Building a custom home is too stressful.

We know how stressful building or buying a home can be and so we are proud of the difference in service we offer to our clients knowing that they can embark on their new home journey stress free. From the get go, Domination Homes provides a dedicated client liaison officer for support throughout the process. With Domination Homes, you’ll never be alone in the process.


Fear no. 4: Custom home builders are all the same.

In the current digital era, it is easier than ever to research and compare home builders now. If your dream home is luxury and one of a kind, then look for a team who reflect those values also. Domination Homes have over 40 years’ experience and connection in the industry so you can relax knowing that your dream home will come to life in reliable hands. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have said about their journey with us.


Fear no. 5: I need to know about home design to build one.

While you have probably spent hours on sites like Pinterest, pinning your favourite home design features and saving photos of colour schemes you love. The simple answer is no. You do not need to be a designer to build your custom dream home. The professional team at Domination Homes walks you through the design process offering expert advice and guidance on flooring choices to tapware. You can even head to our own Pinterest board today and get some inspiration.

 Building your new home- Fears and Facts


Fear no. 6: I won’t know what my home will look like until its done.

Our display homes are a perfect starting point for visualising what your dream home might reflect and may even inspire some design ideas of your own. Then once your plans are approved, we will provide you with your very own 3D virtual tour of your furnished dream home. You can experience every detail of your home and even take it home on USB so you can show it off to friends and family. We put your mind at ease so your dream home can become a firm reality.


These fears are sometimes the only things holding you back from owning the custom home of your dreams. We hope that by laying the truths out, you get peace of mind about the home building journey and how exciting it really is. Eliminate those fears and contact Domination Homes now to get your dream home journey started knowing that you are in the best hands.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest

Creating the luxury home of your dreams is no easy task and sometimes there are no words to describe your design ideas. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel, but one of the best ways to get your designs across effectively, is to get visual.


Creating a mood or inspiration board when building your dream home is a great way to stay inspired and ease the decision-making process. But gone are the days of trawling through magazines and cutting out your design ideas. The internet is full of inspiration and concepts can be found easily with a quick Google search. But by far the best way to collect and store all of your design ideas in one place is through Pinterest.


Think of Pinterest as a virtual mood board which allows you to scroll through thousands of photos and pin your favourites into collections or boards. Pinterest allows you to create and upload photos into custom boards like ‘Bathroom Ideas’ or ‘Luxury Flooring’, which can then be shared and re-pinned by others who are inspired by the photos. It is easy to get lost in the Pinterest world with so many beautiful and inspiring boards, but by following and collecting ideas that resonate with you and your style, your dream home will start to come to life.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest


In any relationship between designer and client, communication is always key. But we are all different, with diverse experiences, ideas and styles. Words will rarely suffice when it comes to communicating your dream home vision, and that’s where a mood board comes in. Your mood board can be as limited, or as expansive as your heart desires.


Are you a minimalist? Contemporary? Traditionalist? Do you place importance on open floor plans with space for a family lifestyle, or does your life require a structured home design with secluded areas for working? Neutrals or bright colours? Tiles or polished concrete?


Bring all of your ideas to life with a comprehensive mood board, which you can then take to your designer. If you find yourself unable to convey certain styles or ideas, Pin it! Having the freedom to sit down and both look at a collection of images means you’ll all be on the same page from the beginning and is guaranteed to streamline your entire design process.


Not only is Pinterest great for inspiration, the platform is a great way to keep on top of the latest design trends each season. And with photos linking to the original sources, you can always find more information about products or designs.


Designing Your Luxury Home with Pinterest


There are over 70 million Pinterest users and amongst those are luxury home builders like Domination Homes. We use Pinterest to share our custom home designs with you as well as find inspiration from others. Many of our clients choose to share their Pinterest boards with us throughout the process of designing and building their luxury home, and it allows us to truly bring to life their dream.


To start your pinspirational journey, discover the latest design ideas from Domination Home’s boards by clicking here, and watch your custom dream home come to life.

Landscaping Your Luxury Home

When building a luxury home, you want the finest finishes across the board. That’s why landscaping should always be a crucial part of your home design and planning. Landscaping not only offers finishing touches on your home, it also adds value. Research shows that it can increase your home’s value per dollar spent on landscaping, offering up to a 109% return*. So what types of landscaping should you invest in? Below we have listed our top 5 recommendations.


Front verge

This is a must as the front of your home is the first thing people see, so why detract from that with average landscaping? Landscaping at the front of your home should be clean and crisp. If you have large street frontage, think perfectly laid turf with sharp edging. It would also be wise to incorporate low growing scrubs and feature footpaths or stone work to lead up to your home.


Front verge


Pool spaces

At Domination Homes we find that many of our clients desire a pool with their custom build home, which is why landscaping around this area is key to consider. To keep space open, we would recommend glass pool fencing and a feature decking material to surround your pool. Key choices we see over and over again include timber decking, stone paving or honed concrete. Once you’ve decided on these details, think about incorporating raised feature garden beds around the outside of your pool. These are best filled with plants that will tolerate lots of sun such as succulents, cactuses and evergreens. Or go for a more resort feel with an established Frangipani tree.


Pool spaces



Plants may be the obvious choice while landscaping but that doesn’t make them any less important. Regularly, we now see homes with garden beds framing the outer edges of the block, allowing for free-flowing open spaces. This can help create the illusion of a larger block. These outer beds can be filled with low maintenance natives or for a classical approach choose a Lilly Pilly that hedges well over time. To incorporate pops of colour throughout your yard, think of including statement pots with seasonal florals. This adds colour, without the clutter!




Water features

Water features are a perfect way to add a tranquil, classy retreat to your home. Water features can be incorporated into a variety of areas in your home. For example, place in a leafy, shaded area of your backyard and set up an outdoor setting for a casual retreat. Alternatively, if you have an outdoor entertaining space, use the water feature as a talking point that blends both with the inside of your home and the outdoors. We have created this look perfectly at our display home – The Residence, click here to see more.


Water features



This multifunctional space is hugely popular over recent years and is one that we have come to include in most of our custom designs. These outdoor spaces now feature enviable entertaining areas coupled with an outdoor kitchen. To further make your alfresco area stand out, think of including feature garden beds around the area. Think structural plants and filling the garden beds with pebbles to show a point of difference. Another popular option is to include raised garden beds throughout the alfresco area, stick to low lying plants within these areas and choose a textual plant to make a point of difference.




If you are thinking of building your dream home, contact the team at Domination Homes today.




Walking on Luxury

Walking on Luxury

Flooring is one of the key reflections of your luxury home design and it can be difficult to decide on the best for you. At Domination Homes, we want to ensure your flooring choice enhances your luxury home experience and compliments your style. Read on to learn more about our top 5 flooring picks and which one is right for your new home.


Porcelain tiles– Highly resistant to wear, easy to clean and visually appealing, porcelain tiles are always a great option for areas with high traffic use. Porcelain is a fine, dense flooring made from clay which can be altered to replicate other styles like marble which means they are a great investment and can even increase the value of your property.


Timber flooring – Whether engineered or solid, timber flooring is durable, easy to clean and practical when it comes to maintenance. Unlike carpeted floors, solid timber flooring can last many years and can be repurposed at the end of its life. One of the many benefits of solid timber is that it can be sanded back multiple times and restored to a pristine condition. We love that timber floors can be used throughout the home and has the ability to transform a house into a true luxury home through its naturally warm and attractive appeal. The options with timber are endless from dark and rich, to light and welcoming.


Natural stone tiles-In terms of flooring, nothing is more elegant and luxurious than natural stone. Each piece of stone used is a rare creation of minerals making every floor uniquely beautiful. Common natural stone flooring includes limestone, sandstone, travertine and slate all with unique qualities that suit different rooms. While natural stone flooring requires more care, it can provide a luxurious wow factor in a room.


Polished concrete- Highly durable and always on trend, polished concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for a sophisticated yet glamorous appeal. Be prepared for enhanced lighting too as polished concrete’s shiny surface absorbs light and illuminates a room by 30%. If you prefer a flooring that requires little maintenance then polished concrete is for you. This flooring is generally protected from stains and scratches which makes it ideal for any room. While a beautiful option, take into account that natural cracking may occur during the product’s lifespan.


Ceramic tiles – The diversity and durability of ceramic tiles are what makes this flooring choice so special. Ceramic tiles have been used as a superior flooring choice for centuries now as they can be customised into desired patterns and colours for every style. Ceramic tiles are a timeless, luxurious and durable flooring choice which offer endless possibilities when creating your own unique style throughout your home.


We understand that choosing the right flooring can be a difficult decision. However, the expert design team at Domination Homes make can your selection easier. Speak to our team today about the best options for your luxury home.

The Point of Difference

The Point of Difference

Building the home of your dreams is no small task and at Domination Homes, we know that our high-quality design phase is what makes a real difference and sets us above the industry standard. But what makes us different? We’ve listed below the most important aspects for our clients when choosing to build with us.

The Beginning

Contour survey
We will ask you for a contour survey of your block. This is done by a qualified surveyor and it must be completed prior to building on any site. This step is important as it gives our team the full details of the block. Including levels, angles, encumbrances, easements and boundary aliments. These are all items that can potentially cause design restrictions, so by having this information at the beginning, we are able to give you the best possible service.

Site inspection
Our Head Designer Steve with over 35 years of experience, will go out and inspect your block of land to determine what potential challenges you’ll have to work with during your dream home build. This is such a crucial step and is all completed prior to the first initial meeting!

The initial meeting- professional brief
This is possibly one of the most important parts of the whole process. We ask you to join us at our showroom to discuss your vision and dreams of your future home. You bring to us what you hope to achieve, things you’ve seen that inspire you and possibly you’ll show us the all-important Pinterest board! This meeting allows for our team to really understand the essence of your home and bring your dreams to reality through the process of a professional design brief.

The Point of Difference

Moving forward

Designs coming to life
The next stage of the design process is where things finally start to come together on paper and also visually. We provide working drawings, upper and lower floor plans that are fully dimensioned with all elevations supplied.
Once you are 100% happy with your briefs, we will complete your 3D virtual tour. The custom designed 3D virtual tour will show you your home furnished and landscaped, and complete with the pool layout. This is presented to you at the Domination Homes showroom and allows you a firm perspective on how your dream home will look.
The best part? You get a take home a USB of the 3D virtual tour so that you can show your family and friends your home in the making.

Costing and signatures
Once you are completely happy with all design elements and 3D tours, you will be given a custom design specification fully documenting the build and full costing. From here we will have you sign an agreement and place a deposit for the build.

The whole process starts with a conversation and ends with your moving into your dream home. The total architectural in-house design service is valued at over $5000 and is offered at a no-obligation cost. So to start building the home you’ve always wanted, speak to our team today by clicking here.

Luxury Trends for 2018

The beginning of 2018 brings with it fresh trends and new designs set to inspire another year of luxury living. Predictions for this year foresee home styling trends reflecting current social trends of a calm life balance and natural earthen luxury.

As our lifestyles continue to revolve more around technology, our homes become a place to seek solitude and peace from our busy routines. Continue reading for our tips on the top trends of 2018 to achieve total interior luxe.


Dark Woods- This year will see a shift from the classic Scandinavian light woods we’ve been enjoying in recent years, to darker and richer tones of delicious chocolate browns and walnut woods. Statement pieces like large dining tables or hand-crafted bookshelves can create a sense of ultimate natural calm.


Luxury Trends for 2018


Greenery- Pairing with the rich, dark woods comes bright and bold greenery which can liven up any room. Forget last year’s small succulents and think oversized palms, fiddle leaf figs or even a ficus. Choose big and bold pots to help the plant really make a statement. Not only will it add texture to your home, but there are also many benefits of having plants indoors, including minimising dust in the air and helping to keep room temperatures cool.


Cool Tones- As we continue to create homes which provide us a solace from busy lifestyles, cooler tones such as light linens and pearl greys will appear this year. Not only will they create a calming and peaceful space but will work with those rich wooden tones to balance the elements of your interior.


Luxury Trends for 2018



Terrazzo Flooring- This trend is on the way back for 2018 and bringing with it a classical timeless aura to any home. With its beautiful polished finish, this style gives any home a unique identity and a true sense of calm. Distinctive specks featured throughout the flooring gives a sense of earthy luxury and will make coming home to this space pure bliss.


Earthy Textures- Organic and earthy textures will see popularity this year, particularly rattan and wicker. Bright open dining and outdoor spaces can be livened up by incorporating rattan chairs or side tables with pops of colour brought to life through rugs and cushions. Simple wicker bed frames paired with light linens can create dreamy bedrooms to make you feel as though you’re in a 5-star beach resort. Don’t forget to bring in some greenery to compliment the natural tones.


Luxury Trends for 2018



Mixing Metals- This year we move away from basic stainless steel and continue to create luxury through interesting and unique accents of brass and copper. Tapware, door handles or even pendant lights and side tables can be found in beautiful copper tones and bring an ultimate level of luxury to your home.


Spa Bathrooms- If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is the soul. Having a luxurious bathroom to come home to at the end of a long day is pure bliss and can really help us relax and destress. The biggest bathroom trend of 2018 will continue to be the desire for resort style bathrooms, complete with luxurious bathtubs for candlelit soaks, his and hers spaces and lavish lighting to complete the space.

All white bathrooms are on the way out, so incorporate fresh greenery and pops of colour through tiles, tapware and accessories. Bringing the wooden look through from the rest of the house can really add a resort feel to transport you to your favourite holiday destination.


Luxury Trends for 2018


The Vogue- A Dream Home

Driving to The Vogue inspires you even before arrival. Set in the leafy western suburbs it’s sure to impress and upon arrival to the home, it does not disappoint. The Vogue is set on a wide block and has taken full advantage of the available space. The impressive stonework adds an element of natural luxury and the elevation sets it apart from the other homes on the street.

As Dr Shivani Singh greets our team, it is clear that she too is as elegant as this home.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Dr Singh tells us this is the first time she has built a home, and that she was really pleased with the overall result.

“We chose Domination Homes after going to their display home and we really loved their attention to details and their specifications, and their style,” said Dr Singh.

Walking through the home, you can see that it was designed for a family who not only considers the finer details, but a family who likes to entertain.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Dr Singh attributes the ease of the building process to the help of the Domination Homes architect.

“The architect was just wonderful, so that was another reason why we went ahead with them,” said Dr Singh.

“He just gave us what we wanted, what my vision of the house was.”

The vision that has been delivered showcases prominent design elements including light filled open spaces that feature floor to ceiling glass, creating a welcoming home environment.

Further to this, the luxurious elements such as wooden features, stone tile work and marble accents make the home a modern blend of textures.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


But creating a home that features so many intricacies is no easy feat.

Dr Singh told us that after finishing the build, they had several tradesmen coming through the home to finish small jobs.

“You know, when there are two people who don’t depend on each other, there is always a blame game. But I have to say, there were quite a few people who were working in this house and complimented the house.”

“They said to me, you don’t realise how complicated your house was and how well Domination Homes have worked around those complications,” said Dr Singh.

Dr Singh tells us that hearing this, confirmed that she had made the right choice by building with the team at Domination Homes.


The Vogue- A Dream Home


Walking around the space, you can truly see that a dream home has been delivered. Every aspect leaves you in awe.

This home is a true testament to the luxurious, quality homes which Domination Homes can bring to life for you.

To see Dr Shivani Singhs full testimonial video, click here.

The perfect walk-in wardrobe

The wonderful wardrobe, whether you are ready to rule the boardroom in a power suit or keeping it colourful and vibrant, this room of the house sets you up for a whole day of success. Often a space that is over looked within homes, the wardrobe should not be forgotten, especially the master wardrobe.


At Domination Homes we understand the importance of having a space for your belongings that makes you proud, while also being functional. So, what makes the perfect wardrobe?



By far one of the most important options, especially when it is normally a shared area. Maximise your wardrobe space by sectioning it off from the rest of the master bedroom, popular choices have been to hide the wardrobe behind the bed or tapper it off in the direction of the bathroom, which can be seen in our display home – The Residence.



 To achieve an ultimately sleek and minimalistic look, imperative to any luxury build, having enough storage is incredibly important. A place for everything, and everything in its place’ so the saying goes, and that’s exactly how a master wardrobe should be built. Don’t allow for things to get cluttered and use a mix of hanging space and draws to utilise all available space.


Hanging space – high and low spaces

Utilising both high and low hanging spaces allows you to make the most of the space on offer. Try using the multi levels to set out your clothes, with shirts on top and pants or skirts on the bottom. Hang clothes as matching tops and bottoms for a quick and easy outfit choice on those early mornings.



Hollywood will tell you good lighting is everything and we completely agree. Good lighting can make or break a room, which is why Domination Homes focus so much of our attention on ensuring our master wardrobes are lit to perfection. Bright, sleek lighting with a feature chandelier or simple down lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your wardrobe and create a luxurious dressing space.



The simplest way to give an illusion of space and serenity is to incorporate mirrors into your master wardrobe. Not only are they practical, but they allow for lighting to bounce within the space, giving a sense of depth and space. Incorporate full length mirrors instead of wall tiles to create the ultimate wardrobe elegance.


These tops tips are a fantastic starting point to creating the master wardrobe of your dreams. Additionally, our expert design team can help you create the wardrobe of your dreams through our in depth design consultations. To find out more, visit our contact page.