Meet Marco

Meet Marco

At Domination Homes, we value customer service and believe strongly in providing the best experience for our clients. As our Sales and Marketing Manager, Marco De Carolis is the face and voice behind this part of the business.

Marco has been with Domination Homes for 17 years, where he came into the business as a family member, and one who could go the extra mile and contribute an extraordinary amount to the way we operate. His role is incredibly varied, including things such as administrative work, looking after the sales staff, being a point of contact for clients throughout the initial part of the building process, and as a representative in the building industry.

An important part of Marco’s role at Domination is the way he builds relationships with people in the industry, seeking out potential client leads and constantly keeping apprised of trends and news. Marco makes countless phone calls each day, building relationships with people from all walks of life, and establishing trust and a rapport with people that could eventually become clients. This is a crucial part of the business, as establishing leads for potential customers allows us to show off what we do best – building Perth’s best luxury homes – by having the opportunity to do so for as many people as we can. Marco’s preferred day to contact people is on a Saturday – as he believes that working professionals are still switched on, but not worn out after a hard day’s work. This attention to detail and genuine care for the people he works with shows the level of dedication Marco has for establishing positive relationships with people.

Marco’s motivations for doing what he does is about as varied as the roles he undertakes. Not only is he driven by establishing good relationships with people across the industry, he is also highly motivated by his role as a people person – speaking to plenty of people and getting the ball rolling on many different projects is what drives him. Also a big factor behind Marco’s personal drive is the team he looks after within the company. Consisting of two pre-start consultants, a designer and an estimator, different aspects of the building process are able to be addressed quickly and easily, as are any questions that arise from clients along the way. If something needs to be added, the designer can get on top of that; if something needs to be priced, the estimator can look after it. This well-oiled machine helps to facilitate the high standard of customer service that we strive to achieve as a company and indeed as people. This has built the strong reputation which we enjoy today, and of course aids in maintaining that image moving into the future.

As a bonus, Marco has also revealed something about his work at Domination Homes that perhaps not many people know: his affinity for getting around on the forklift and in the truck. Driving heavy machinery, looking after his team and building a strong connection with people all over Perth – truly a man of many talents.

Marco’s role (or indeed roles) within Domination Homes is something that we have been very appreciative of over the years, and has contributed immensely to the powerful reputation that we have established. This is a testament to his ability to create and maintain countless contacts and relationships all at once, manage a team effectively, and administrate the smooth operation of sales and marketing. He fills a role that is essential for the business, and we look forward to working with him for many, many years to come.