Top 10 Features People Want

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting undertaking and here at Domination Homes, we’ve had the experience to build some truly remarkable homes. Our homes, like the people who build them, are all unique. However, the one thing they all have in common is elements of luxury. We’ve compiled our top 10 features that our clients ask for when they build their dream home with us.


The Scullery

Old fashioned we hear you say? Think again. The scullery has been reimagined to a modern space that is essential for anyone who likes to entertain. The functionality of the scullery is to create a space that not only keeps your main kitchen mess free but increases prep space, stores your larger kitchen appliances (no messy front kitchen here!) and a place to tidy up. Common features you’ll find within our home designs include inbuilt fridges, bench space, additional ovens/induction cooktops and the ever-popular hydro taps, which allow for instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water.


Walk-in wardrobe

The master bedroom is the place where you start and finish your day, and a large walk-in wardrobe is essential for the luxury lifestyle your custom home allows you. Our designers are able to work with you to decide the perfect layout while also maximizing the space with ingenious shelving and lighting solutions.



Open spine staircase with timber treads

A true show stopper and a fantastic way to add texture and a talking point to your home. Open spine staircases have a captivated way of appearing like they are floating and by adding timber treads, it gives a sense of added luxury.



Connection to the Alfresco

The ultimate design for open plan living incorporates the indoors with the outdoors through a seamless connection to the alfresco. This can be achieved with large glass doors, or through timeless and modern glass bi-fold doors to add additional luxury.




Pool and the alfresco

Two spaces that go hand in hand and reflect the lifestyle of our communities here in Perth. When we design these spaces, creating functional areas to entertain is essential. Think glass panelling with direct access to the pool and outdoor kitchens.


Guest bedroom downstairs

Often our custom designs include a guest bedroom, but many families still enjoy their privacy when entertaining overnight guests. This is when we find that incorporating a guest bedroom on the ground floor of the home in the other communal areas is a fantastic option to add privacy for everyone.




While it may seem indulgent at the time, adding a lift to your home ensures longevity. This is especially essential for people who have built their forever home as you want something that you can grow old in and not be woeful about the stairs.


Built in gas fireplace

All the looks and class of the traditional fireplace, minus the mess! A built-in gas fireplace can add another element of luxury to your home, not to mention a key focus point.


Customised security system

A current must for anyone investing in their property for the long term. A fully customised security and camera system allows you to keep an eye on your home while you are away, with most systems now offering options to link up to your smartphone!


Home theatre

A place to retreat, relax or entertain! Adding a dedicated home theatre room to your home design an investment worth making. Think projection screens, surround sound and soundproofing the room to ensure you don’t disturb others in the home. Not to mention the luxurious furniture you have the chance to incorporate once your home is complete.


While there are many other features you could consider, these top 10 are our most common request when designing and building our clients dream homes. To start your home journey, speak to our team today.